See the picture above?

I took it standing at my front door and in it you can see EVERYWHERE I have been for the past eleven weeks.

(apart from here and here on three day trips)

Seriously, I have not been more than 250m from my front door in eleven weeks.

School, work, the park, the town deli/post office and the pub on a Friday night.

It is doing my head in.

I have not been to anyones house for a cuppa nor for an evening stroll. I have not found my bestie here. I have not been in my house without my children.

I have nothing interesting to say. I am empty of everything; I have nothing to give. I am lacking inspiration. From a parents perspective, our town is depressing.



This is my only escape; sitting on the couch out front with a book, watching the road trains go by.



A trip after school to the local servo to see the big trucks in an occasion…



I take a LOT of photos from my front door – they really are magnificent.






That building above (the old Gentlemen’s Club) is opposite our house and is where I work each morning as the town rates officer.


A photo of our house, walking back from the Deli down the road on a Sunday morning….


My evening TV companion…


The desert is so beautiful, so enveloping and sparse that it is somehow indescribably claustrophobic. I feel suffocated by its isolation.

We leave tomorrow to Perth for the school holidays, a 650km trip.

I cannot WAIT!!

We are staying with family, visiting beautiful friends, going out to dinner and being actual people with actual lives outside a 250m radius!

I also have a two day trip to Melbourne planned to see my cyber bestie . Just me and Jane – I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how happy this makes me; I MISS seeing friends face to face.

It is SUCH a luxury!

I am sure I will keep you posted and that I will come back refreshed and revitalised and ready to do another 10 weeks of  the Groundhog Day that is term three in our town 🙂