Here are some pics from our second day trip this afternoon.

Milly Soak is about 20km up and 5km off the highway from town. If you scroll down, you can read about it 🙂

2015-05-30 13.29.20

2015-05-30 13.17.30

2015-05-30 13.17.05

2015-05-30 13.16.32


Just a few flies about. Luckily none up the nose today 🙂

2015-05-30 13.10.56

There are about 5 large rock arrows directing you towards the old grave site for when the path peters off a bit…

2015-05-30 13.13.20

2015-05-30 13.12.47

Below are the three original graves; over 120 years old, victims of the typhoid outbreak in town.

2015-05-30 13.11.16

2015-05-30 13.11.23

2015-05-30 13.11.39

Only about 1km up on the other side of highway is Lake Nallan

2015-05-30 14.08.48

In the picture below, if you look in the middle at the back of the lake you will see a yacht.

Over 400km inland and someone is out sailing today in what is essentially flood water. Gotta love it.

2015-05-30 13.42.02

2015-05-30 13.43.56

2015-05-30 13.44.13

The boys had a great time lobbing sticks and rocks into the water.

2015-05-30 13.46.21


Just a little bit perdy.

2015-05-30 14.04.35



2015-05-30 14.01.58

And once again, just a few flies…..

2015-05-30 14.12.23

Flybombed by not one but TWO of the little bastards!

2015-05-30 14.04.51

Diggity Dogs. I thought I had two boys!!!

2015-05-30 14.15.15

These two gorgeous spots are only 20km from our front door in the middle of the Gascoyne.

Next time I will pack a rug and a picnic basket. Just glorious.

What do you think?