At 6am, theres always Jax,

Theres always Jax and Me.

Where ever I am, he wants to be

Are you in bed all snug and warm?

Well that’s where I want to be says Jax

That’s where I want to be.

We snuggle and cuddle, Jax and Me

Why hello Mummy he winks

Thrice Eskimo kisses, one two three

Warm arms around my neck

In the bed all warm with you

I say, That’s where I want to be

Lets look for dragons I say to Jax

Yes lets says Jax to me

We searched the doona and found a few

My fair headed babe and me

Im not afraid says Jax, said he

Im never afraid with you.

So at 6am there’s always Jax

There’s always Jax and Me

I love our sweet snuggles and cuddles you see

It’s a gift that money cant buy

“My angel I love you” I whisper to Jax

“I love you Mummy” he smiles at me.

(apologies to A. A. Milne)