Yesterday I caved and bought a cask of white wine.
Nothing fancy, Berri crisp dry white with a supposed creamy finish. WTH??
Flash eh??
Now if you read this post, you may think I have fallen off the wagon.
I haven’t. 
The point of that post was that it made me very aware about what I was doing to my nearly 40 year body and compared to 3-4 glasses a night, every single night, I now only indulge once or twice a week and never more than two glasses.
Trust me – really.
*insert trustworthy toothy grin*
Anyway, as I was making room in the fridge for my new chateau de cardbeurd buddy, it the benefits of a box over a bottle occurred to me.
Apparently you can actually buy these in the UK – me wanty!!
Why Box is better than Bottle.

1. There is always a cold vino in the fridge waiting to be poured – no more watering your first glass down with ice cubes and then forgetting about the remaining open bottle which you put in the freezer to chill which ejaculates all over itself in an icy explosion.
2. Think of your carbon footprint and the packaging required – box smashes bottle.
3. If you have already had your two glasses, you don’t need to open a new bottle for an extra tipple before retiring to bed.
4. The neighbours don’t know suspect you are an alcoholic on recycling morning.
5. You always have an open wine for cooking, although this was a FABulous excuse for opening a new bottle 🙂
6. There is no deadline for finishing your cask – once a bottle is open it MUST be consumed within 48 hours.
7. Your parents will slip you extra cash when its not your birthday as they assume you cannot afford nice wine.
8.  If invited to a BYO dinner, box wine can always be poured into a “flash as a rat with a gold tooth” empty wine bottle you have saved for just an occasion. Make sure your bottle has a Stelvin cap or you may be busted.
9.  Empty casks are much more toddler-friendly and versatile than wine bottles. Think of the children.
10. Your hubby can’t come home from work, glance in the fridge and try to calculate his odds of getting lucky with minimal effort. He actually needs to use foreplay.

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