(not sponsored in ANY WAY AT ALL – we just thought this place was FABULOUS!)


See that picture above?? That’s the Town of Beaufort River, about 180km south of Perth, WA, population…….hmmmmm, the owners of the Roadhouse and that farm below it. Or maybe they are the same people. Anyway – population is meagre.

Ten perhaps with a good swing of a cat to any other populated towns up or down the highway.

We pass by this place each time we drive up to Perth but until last weekend we have never stopped.

So glad we did!! Oh MY!!!

 This is it from the front….

 The view south down Albany Highway….

…and the view across the road – can you hear the crickets???

 It used to be the Beaufort River Roadhouse and Tavern but now it is a Restaurant and sells homemade cakes, pastries, pies etc if you are on the run or you can stay for breakfast or lunch every day or dinner later on in the week or on the weekends. Their facebook page is here if you are interested 🙂 We drove through on a Sunday where they were just wrapping up their regular Sunday Carvery.


There is the kicker part though, and its awesome – it has what they call the Creepy Hollow Markets attached and the creepy theme runs right through the entire place! Its totally fantastic and the Adams Family would be right at home – in fact you expect them to be behind the counter. They have the Hand from the Show running across the counter tops and a dead (very fake) rat hangs in a cage above their cappuccino machine. Cobwebs adorn antique mirrors and the attention to detail is amazing. You might only want a cup of coffee but allow a good hour or so to wander around the “markets”

Here are some of the photos I took whilst wandering around…..

The Carvery….running a litte low but we did arrive around 2pm.


 See the rat in the cage in the picture below??


 Yes, that is my ugg boot in the photo above. Can you IMAGINE having that loo seat cover? No way!

The broom moves around the market floor by itself – its very cool!


 Mr Point Five with some woman who moves and is holding her own head – this totally freaked to boys out and they wanted to leave after they saw this – fair call.


 Yes, this is a REAL stuffed sheep for sale if you were interested…..

   Skull hand bag anyone?? No? How about a head in a jar???


 I quite liked these vases and I apologise to anyone who I know who is getting married soon and invites us – you will be getting one of these!


They also sell workwear if you are in need???

 Here are the boys out the front on the less scary ride 🙂

Well worth a looksy if you are travelling down Albany Highway in WA any time soon.