Since having the kidlets, my underwear wardrobe went from sexy G-Strings to daggy boy legs. Does that sound familiar to you all? When you have had all, and I mean ALL your lady bits hanging out there for childbirth, somehow the security and support of extra material was desirable and even the thought of wearing a G now makes my buttocks clench. How times have changed.
Anyway, I decided last week to go and buy some new knickers that met my past self halfway, and purchased a triple pack of some not unlike these pictured below. I can fit a size 10 jean so I assumed that I would also be a size 10 brief.

Ever so sadly, I was mistaken.
It seems that once you have kidlets (and without the effort to actually tone your once sweet shaped backside), whilst you may be able to squeeze into a size 10 jean, your knicker size has gone up one notch.
Let me explain….
See the bum on the left?? That’s a size 10 bum of a lady who exercises and who hasnt had the priveledge of squeezing a few watermelons out of her cherry sized space. 
See the bum on the right?? That woman has had children. And spends all day running around after her kids – not quite as toning as yoga and pilates.  Also a size 10, but no longer quite as firm.
The bum on the right is no longer able to hold the shape of a size 10 knicker and bottom spills out the side, thus creating a permanent wedgie feeling for the owner. Whilst they may LOOK super sexy from the front, the back is a plumbers crack salsa dance. Honestly, I spent about an hour last night pulling my undies out of my arse that I eventually gave up, got out of bed and got a pair of my trust boy shorts again.
The butt-lifter.
Apparently the “bum droop”, as I have not so affectionately coined it, is not a new dilemma for the ageing woman. If you go HERE, you can peruse a staggering array of butt-lifters that I had no idea you could buy until I started researching my problem this morning. Sadly, I think some of them look really cool and I could imagine wearing one under a cocktail dress for a special do.
The butt-bra.
You can also see the above butt bra HERE, to give saggy bottoms an instant lift. 
Ummmm, no thanks. I prefer the butt-lifter myself . Can you imagine scoring after a night out and having your jeans sensuously removed to find THIS??   
Bridget Jones moment anyone??

So, anyway, next time I am shopping, I think I will buy another few triple packs of these (above). Sexy from the front, yet practicable for keeping my butt cheeks in control in the rear. 
A sexy boy short for the woman entering her 40’s, you think?
Oh, I also found these on my research travels this morning – a C-String!
WTF??? Talk about a strap on!
What kind of knickers do you recommend if you are approaching the big 40?
Could you wear a C-String???