Yesterday on my page I posted a question from a reader about fringes and haircuts. It was for a laugh and I thought with over 3000 of you, we may get some good answers and some fun.
What I didn’t expect to get however was JUDGEMENT.
Judgement by a fellow reader of the person asking the question.
A conclusion drawn that from this question, the person asking was being silly, wasn’t doing anything worthwhile and should be at least volunteering their time at a more worthwhile cause
My reader, without knowing ANYTHING about the person asking this question, drew her own conclusion and judged her. 
Belittled her and made her feel poorly.
Now, I actually know the person who initially asked this question. She is an elderly lady, living on her own and most days, doesn’t get out of her house. The internet and the people on the other side of it are some days her only companion and I love that in this day and age of technology, she can feel surrounded by her cyber friends without having to leave her house in great pain and discomfort. But when I read the judgement on her and the “waste of her time” comment I saw RED
WHY must we judge each other when we really don’t know anything about each other in this cyber space?
 This is the one thing I loathe about the internet. 
 Now, I’m not innocent in my judgement either. I have been known to leap to conclusions based on little known fact at times. But this, what was said on my page yesterday, has made me even more aware of it as a personality flaw of mine and everyday I try to remind myself to hold back on judging someone until I know them, their situation or see the bigger picture. 
I think there is something in that for all of us, don’t you??
Be kind – to assume, only makes an ass out of u and me.
NB: I have removed the thread to protect peoples anonymity.