So, I had a few comments on my Easter Bunny post that I was lying to my children by telling them about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Apparently by doing this I was also encouraging my children to lie to me as I seemed to find untruths acceptable.

 Here is my answer as to why Mr Point Five and I choose to procreate such myths…..

  Our kidlets, as I’m sure do most of yours, watch fairy tales and cartoons on the TV. If not, I am sure they read the books and turn pages with wonder. You can see their little faces fill with delight and their breath is held in their chest as they imagine what could possibly happen next. Captain Hook perches precariously in the jaws of the naughty crocodile, Wendy is learning to fly thanks to Peter Pan and Tinkerbell needs her fairy dust sprinkles if she is ever to fly again.  Snow White does live in the forest with the Seven Dwarves whose job it is to mine brilliant treasures and under the ocean, there is the Octopod where the Octonauts live alongside mermaids, talking crabs and sunken Pirate Ships.  My G Man has just turned five, and to him I am sure, these characters are very real. They honestly exist for him. I don’t doubt it for a second.

 Now just think – wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could somehow bring some of these stories and fairy tales to life? Make them real, really real, if only for a short time? How amazing and gorgeous would it be to incorporate these magical tales into his own sweet childhood!! But wait……


We can.


We can tell him the fantastic tale of Santa Claus who lives at the North Pole and travels on his sleigh with his reindeer each year to all the good little boys and girls. We can create magic at Easter with stories of the Easter Bunny and have real treasure hunts for chocolate jewels in our garden for lucky little boys.  When G Man loses his first tooth, I want to take away some of the pain with the thought of a fairy who lives in a tooth castle made of lots of little boys and girls teeth from around the world (slightly gross as an adult I know, but I enjoyed this image as a child). I love that these stories can teach our children about belief – to contemplate things we cannot always see or touch. It is such a glorious and magical way for them to learn to think outside the square and to dare to dream. To wonder, what if…..

 I know he wont believe in Santa Claus and the rest forever. Just as he will learn about Walt Disney and Pixar, and that the fairy tales he loves reading and watching are simply that, just made up stories. I don’t see it as lying to him, or encouraging him to lie to me in the future. I see it as allowing him to create a magical reality at home to enjoy and get lost in. I hope that he will love and thank me for helping him to have such a beautiful world in the years to come. Childhood memories of Santa and the gang are some of my most cherished.


He has all the time in the world to learn about the things that are real.



I hope you and your family have a beautiful, relaxing and safe Easter, whatever your beliefs.