I have been in love with the colour yellow for a very long time.

You cannot possibly be grumpy whilst standing in a field of yellow.

Yellow makes me smile.

If I won the lotto, I would buy a lemon-yellow Monaro.

I sniff with delight when the first, if a little overenthusiastic, wattle tree comes into bloom in late winter and gape in amazement for the rest of spring at her glory and beauty. I could drink in the blooms forever, the soft powder puffs nuzzled against my cheek. I would fill my house with them, if thy would last cut for more than one day, and not leave yellow dust all over the tables and benches 🙁

We moved to Boddington in WA’s south west in October 2009

and it was then I saw canola fields for the first time.

As Ana Steele would have said mid orgasm – OH MY!!!!


Then we moved to Cranbrook, a further 2 hours South of Boddington in April this year. I was really sad to say goodbye to the Canola fields as I thought it was nothing but sheep, sheep and a few cows near our new home. No hills, just flat boring land. I was wrong – Cranbrook and its surrounds are so pretty – coming out of winter, everything is so green and then you get this magic explosion of GOLD in the fields. Coming home from our holiday I was blown away as to how gorgeous it was down this neck of the woods as well.


 Then today I drove to the shops sans hubby and kidlets which enabled me to pull over when I saw a view like this. Hubby will normally slow down a little whilst I hang out the window and take a photo but its just lovely to stop and breathe in the aroma of it all. Hopefully the farmer wont know I hopped his fence in my ugg boots to get some of these pictures 🙂



   As soon as there are clear blue skies I am going to take my proper camera out to this spot and get a better picture – I reckon I could get a few good ones as long as they are still there and haven’t been harvested!

And today, me and the kidlets (the footy was on and hubby in front of it) went and visited a friend on a farm with a gorgeous canola field for them the run through – pure joy 🙂

Hope you enjoyed these. I was just like “WOW” the whole time I was taking them 🙂