Day 1 – Me

So this is me 4 years ago the day I married Mr Point Five, 7 months pregnant and happy as 

a pig in muck ♥

Day 2 – Breakfast

No excuses, I am disgusting I know. I have a couple of pieces of toast at about 9am but I 

need at least 2-3 cups of this first, usually with a few pieces of chocolate to kick start the 

day 🙂

Day 3 – Something I adore

The Magic of Christmas
Day 4 – Letterbox
Sadly, I get more email, most of which is spammy advertising from companies that I purchased an impulse buy from 2 years ago and havent been bothered to unsubscribe, than real letters. 
Real letters that smell nice – I miss those.
Day 5 – Something I wore
A Red Shirt with cap sleeves and a belt –  the day I proposed to my Beautiful Man.
Day 6 – Makes me SMILE
Sweet Peas never fail to make me close my eyes and breathe in with sweet delight. They remind me so very much of my grandmother (my Narnie) as my Papa always used to have them in his garden every year without fail – planted on ANZAC day. I like to think they are the reincarnations of Butterflies 🙂
Favourite City – New York. This is me in Dec06/Jan 07 – stayed at a cute apartment on Lexington and shopped in the Big Apple for three weeks straight – total heaven 🙂
Day 8 – My sky
This was my sky at midday today from our Driveway – 24C – perfect.
Day 9 – My Routine
Every evening (and I mean every) I pour the first of two glasses of wine after the kids have 

gone to bed, about 7.05pm. If its earlier you know I have had a rough day 🙂

Day 10 – Childhood

This is me aged about 8 on the top of a rope ladder made by my Dad on our verandah and wearing a dress made by my Mum with my materiel of choice – a holly hobbie print.  I have a plush smurf that I saved my pocket money up for to buy at the local chemist from memory. I am an only child and grew up in the hills of Perth, in Greenmount – my parents split up when I was 13 and I lived with my Mum during the week and my Dad on the weekend until year 12 then this switched around – moved out of home aged 18 🙂

Day 11 – where I sleep

this is where all the other bloggers post a picture of their beautifully made beds with no mess or wet towels on it in the middle of a pristine and tastefully decorated bedroom.
My bedroom is not like that, although I love our king size bed and its the boys’ favourite place to be. Besides, Mr Point Five is still in the bed right now – not sure he would appreciate the attention.
So this is a picture of where I WISH I slept 🙂
Day 12 – closeup
This is my eldest – rising four in March and starting Kindy in a few short weeks 
– he is just beautiful xxx
Day 13 – In My Bag
*deep breath* – here goes!!!
starting on top LHS and going in a clockwise direction:
1 half drunk bottle of water
1 tube hand moisturiser
1 tub hand sanitiser
1 container “magic” bandaids
1 spare nappy, bag, nappy cream
1 spare hat, nappy wipes and tissue pack
1 wallet (faux Bali Prada to match the Handbag)
3 different types of sunscreen
2 emergency deodorants for me in case I forget before I leave the house
1 tub frangipani lip balm
1 spare onesie for Jax
1 pack panadol
1 spare sanitary pad
1 roll film from only God knows when
1 Playgroup Association membership card
3 pens, 1 concealer stick, 1 lipstick, 2 coloured lip gloss,1 lip balm and 2 nurofen droppers
1 heart shaped hair clip
3 spoons
1 cheque and a key to I have no idea
1 fold up brush
1 loyalty card for local bakery
1 broken mobile phone – dropped my baby in the ocean and cant bear to throw it
1 ring that needs fixing and has been in my bag for about 5 years
2 dinosaurs, 1 dino sticker pad and some sparkly dino stickers
1 plane and 1 horse finger puppet
1 ladybird rattle
2 containers of bubble mixture with wand inside
2 packets snack sized Barbeque/Pizza shapes
1 tin Egg Custard
There – think that’s it – oh wait, a compact mirror, a nailfile, some nail clippers and another tube of lip balm fell out when I went to shake my bag outside.
There that’s it – please don’t despise or pity me or be amazed at my packing prowess.
I have no excuse.
Or magic trick.
Just the bandaids – they’re  magic – that’s what I tell G Man and he believes me 🙂
Day 14 – What I’m reading
Water for Elephants on my eee-pad 🙂
Day 15 – Happiness
Happiness is when THIS man walks in the door after work because the boys leap into his arms and I manage to get some “me” time, if only for a little while 🙂
Day 16 – Morning
Say no more Garfield – I hear you.
Day 17 – Water
I think the beach may just about be G Man’s favourite place to be – pity we live so far away.
Day 18 – something I bought
Not that I profess to be cool or anything , but it site, framed on my piano between two pictures of my boys 🙂
Day 19 – Sweet
the cake I made for G Man’s second birthday – yummo!
Day 20 – Someone I Love

This Man is the first person I have met who looks past all my imperfections and see’s only good. 
I adore him.

Day 21 – Reflection

I miss this girl more than I care to admit and I wish I had her back in my life.

Day 22 – Shoes

How cool are these?? Not sure they really exist, but if they did I would soooooo wear them!
Day 23 – Something Old
This is my Great Grandmothers wedding ring which I wear on the middle finger of my right hand. It has a “D” and an “R” engraved on the top (Dorothy and Reginald) and their wedding date July 16th 1908 engraved on the inside. She died 4 years after her wedding in childbirth with my Grandmother.
Day 24 – Guilty Pleasure
Chocolate Bullets for breakfast, with coffee, after dinner, midnight snack – only thing is, I dont really feel THAT guilty about my obsession 🙂
Day 25 – Daily Routine
If I EVER blog that we are pregnant again you will know THIS (above) fu@ked up in a big way. 
Two kidlets is enough for us!
Day 26 – Colour
This is 5 mins from my front door in August and September each year – the rolling fields of gold canola – isnt it magic??? This photo won me $100 in our local town Photo Comp 🙂
Day 27 – Lunch
This is me trying to be creative and get G Man to eat his veggies – chicken-on-a-stick and 
a carrot and capsicum crab!