I am loving the fact that my eldest (three and a half) is now fully toilet trained, but my problem now is that his little brother (10 months) is loving it too and this creates a Mexican stand-off between the two of them with me as the reluctant referee.

Jax’s latest place to “hide” blocks and other treasures is in the toilet so the door remains firmly closed at all times……
…..except when its occupied by his big brother and then its a free for all with bonus points for getting things in between the knees.

So, when you are in the kitchen getting dinner ready and G-Man comes in with his pants and jocks around his knees and says “yucky” that you know your ticket for the circus that is number two’s in our house is about to be cashed in.

G sits on the loo with dino book on lap and settles in to do his business (what is it with the male species that makes it necessary to sit and THINK about going for about 10 minutes before anything is actually produced?) with myself seated on the mat in front of the loo “standing guard”. I would do this outside the loo door, but G feels that an audience is necessary, maybe he is concerned he may fall in if I’m not watching? So, littlest bub see’s this as an open invitation to toilet central and you can hear the enthusiastic crawling up the hall and then a little head peeps ’round the corner with the biggest grin on his face and a block in each hand. It’s game ON!

And it goes like this:

G: upon seeing his little brother at the door with blocks (stands up) “No!!!!!!”
Me: “SIT DOWN! You’ll get poo on the floor!  Its OK honey I won’t let him past me”.
Jax is excitedly trying to clamber over the obstacle course that is his mother in his desperate efforts to get to the open toilet. He throws the blocks over and then goes in for the attack by trying to get over my legs, then under. Shrieks indignantly at me blocking all efforts then tries again. Goes for the stealth mode, then the vault. Gets half way over. Gets picked up and unceremoniously deposited on the door side of myself, shrieks and tries again at which point G-Man, vainly trying to protect his toilet dignity, stands up again to help me keep his brother at bay.
Me: “Are you finished?”
G: “No”
Me: “Then SIT DOWN and finish!”.

This carry-on goes on for about four to five repeats of the above scenario and then after about 15 minutes G-Man declares himself finished and in a tangle of arms, legs, blocks and bottoms I manage to wipe what I hope is the right bottom , flush and get to the bathroom for wash hands.

……and pray that dinner isn’t ruined.

’til next time,