WARNING: Ranty Pants on!

 If it weren’t Chrissie Swan, and just some other pregnant woman, hiding in her car, poisoning her unborn child, we wouldn’t be talking about it, wouldn’t even have rated a photo. But it was, and it has. We should all just walk on past and be silent in our judgement as what she does on a personal level is none of our business. But we haven’t and for the life of me I do cannot fathom why all the “cool” bloggers are leaping to her defence, be so accommodating and understanding? 
Saying, poor woman, leave her alone, she is still a 
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OMFG. Good Mothers do NOT smoke whilst pregnant. Are you insane comparing smoking to the other crap we do on that list??? How can you, as bloggers who court, even dictate public opinion, CONDONE what this woman is doing? I know, poor Chrissie blah blah. I do feel sorry for her that she is in the public eye and being the target of such open hatred, nobody deserves that, but I am not going to stand by and say women who smoke whilst pregnant are good mothers. 

To be clear, I am not vilifying Chrissie on a personal level. What Chrissie does is none of my business.  I am sure Chrissie is lovely and has many, many excellent mothering skills but saying that GOOD MOTHERS SMOKE and condoning this situation is wrong. 
SMOKING whilst pregnant as far as I am concerned is child abuse.  
And yes, you can say back in our parents era, they smoked like chimneys and all us kids turned out OK. We can say on occasion we do all the other things that appear on the list of things that GOOD MOTHERS do so why not add smoking to it? But in 2013, we are educated to the hazard that is smoking with an unborn child within our “protected” womb. We KNOW the damage it can do, why do you think in this case the mother was hiding in her car, shielding her dirty secret from her husband and friends – she KNOWS what smoking can do, and yet she chose to do it anyway! And yes, smoking is an addiction, I get that, but it is also a choice, a hard one to give up, but a CHOICE none the less. 
If you choose to have a child you should give it the respect it deserves and choose not to smoke.
If it is currently illegal to be smoking a cigarette with your children in your car* how the fu@k is it OK to be smoking one with a baby in your womb???
Here are the FACTS on smoking during pregnancy – we ALL KNOW THEM and we are NOT good mothers if we ignore them.
*I live in WA where it is illegal to smoke in a car that is carrying children. It is a $1000 infringement.