OK – here is a scenario for you…
You and your partner/husband go to bed at 10pm.
He puts his earplugs in, you don’t.
You are up to the toddler at 11.30pm, 2am and 4am.
Upon returning to bed each time you are confronted with the snore monster from hell and it takes a good half hour to get back to sleep each time.
The 4 year old is awake at 6am and you get up to start the day.
Husbands alarm for work goes off at 7am.
Husband wanders out into kitchen and says……
a) Here honey, I know you’ve had a rough night, you drink this fresh coffee – you need it more than me.
b) Got a coffee already? I’ll put the machine on for you. Oh, and while you’re there, can you get me one too?
c) OMG I am soooooo tired. I soooooo didn’t get enough sleep last night. I really neeed a coffee (insert pathetic saggy eyes for sympathy)
I know which one mine does.
Every single morning.
What about yours???

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