So, Mr Point Five got home on Saturday after being away for a week and he had to start work this morning at 6am. 
Dum da dum daaaaa – cant find his work keys which he SWEARS he left at home for the week and is absolutely positive Master J has “relocated” them whilst he was away.   Slight bit of guilt on my behalf as it would therefore have happened on “my watch”. Fairly important and will cost us over $1000 to replace them plus a massive amount of paperwork and headaches so my number one task today was to FIND them!  Sigh. 
As soon as school drop off was done this morning I upend everything. Pull couches out from walls, cushions away from backs of chairs (eewwwww), tip out and pack away a plethora of toy boxes, check the oven, fridge, washing machine, toilet, kids drawers, outside in the plants, under/in all beds, bathroom/kitchen cupboards, pantry…… name it. 
I get a text from Mr Point Five asking if I had found them yet?? No, I say and I have looked EVERYWHERE! Well I will just have to tip the house upsidedown when I get home and find them he texts back. What do you think I have been effing doing all morning I retort??? You probably had a girl look he replies. I try to send him the emoticon for a grumpy face but only managed to send :@ and :/, neither of which turned into the grouchy face that I was hoping for and just made me look silly. :/
I was rifling through our walk in robe when hubby comes home for crib, fairly miserable and going on about the $1000 he could see disappearing from our bank account in the not too distant future. I do not want my house tipped “upsidedown” in a husband type fashion as I can just see the mess that would be made by him and then the tidying that would then be done by me. Righto, I get my thinking cap on. When did you last have them I ask? Sunday morning he says, when I popped into work before I left. Did you wear the same clothes up to your course? I ask. Yes. Right. Maybe they were still in your pocket, fell out and are now in your bag that you took? Have you looked in your bag? No, he says. 
We go to the bedroom and go through his (still unpacked; typical male) bag and what do you know????
I make lunch and over a cuppa he says you know what? What I say. I reckon Master J put them there when I was packing last Sunday he reasons. I certainly wouldn’t have taken them with me.
Um yes honey, you COULD have. Unknowingly maybe, but you could very well have; that was my reasoning and that’s how I found them. 
But I will roll with your theory if it makes you feel less silly. 
It is nearly as good as the time I blamed the same aforementioned toddler for my lost keys when I unwittingly put them in my handbag and they slipped in-between the lining and the bag making them impossible to find, even with the most determined of searches. I KNEW I had put them in my handbag but they had just vanished.  I just got a “Yes Dear, I’m sure you did” when I told Mr Point Five that THAT was where I put them last. So, he is lucky he is getting the benefit of the doubt from me now.
Master J packed them for you before you left. Yes Dear, I’m sure he did.

PS – does anyone know how to do a grumpy face emoticon on your phone???