Mr Point Five will fall through the floor when he reads this post – all of his friends and family think we met at a “karaoke” night which is essentially the truth if you go definitively by the word “met”. So he tells people this when we are asked and I wink and motion to a select few that I will tell my version of this truth when he is out of earshot. He gets so embarrassed by the words ONLINE DATING so shhhhh – mums the word OK?
I had just moved back to Perth from living with my now ex-husband in Ayers Rock and I had a cushy desk job for the first time ever (my prior life had been Restaurant Managing and anyone who has worked in hospitality knows you don’t sit down. Ever.) So this new gig with my own office and computer was very cool and I wasted a lot of time with internet surfing for things like dinner menu’s for one, cheap sunnies that you didnt have to go to Bali for and other random stuff. Speaking of random, my home page which was set by my employer (so really it was part of my job description to click on it), had a link to Lava Life which on one bored Wednesday afternoon when the boss had gone home I nonchalantly investigated.   I needed to be pro-active, and not wind up pathetic and shagging some dude I met at the Desperate and Dateless ball, who lived next door to my Dads best mate who saw my car in the driveway one Sunday morning thus copping me a phone conversation from Dad that went in a sing song voice “bet I can tell you where you were last night….la la la laaaa la”.
By knockoff time I had signed up, set up a profile (no picture) and was ready to be swept off my feet.
So after sifting through absolutes twats like this guy….

I finally hooked myself a date – a real live, meet you in person DATE!
The first disaster, date I met at the pub – I took a group of girlfriends and a copy of his picture so I would recognise him. We were sitting at a table and my girlfriend says to me, “is that him”???? pointing to a guy that was a dead set ringerlooked a little like, a 10 year older version of his picture. We sized him up for about 5 minutes, decided he had come with no mates and thought it could possibly be him. Great I thought. Awkward. Turns out he WAS 10 years older than his picture (and 8 years older than his profile birthdate), STILL lived with his mother, as in had NEVER moved out, and dressed like Chevy Chase in the 80’s. After one drink I motioned for my friend (still watching with the gang, killing themselves laughing at my misfortune) to call me and I told him I had to go, family emergency. He texted me on the way home saying what a nice time he had had. Oh dear – DESPERATE.
My second date was scarily similar with the only difference being that he had previously moved out from his mothers house but had now moved back in because he was unemployed. At 42. Sigh.
Righto – third date.

This was Mr Point Fives profile picture – YUMMO!!! I thought too good to be true – it was probably taken at some wedding 5 years ago (he looked about 5 years younger than me) and he was going to be 10 years older and look all old and stuff. We got chatting and I noticed his online birthdate – he WAS 5 years younger than me!!! (actually, 5.5 – eeeek) and when we met he looked every bit as young and gorgeous as his photo, which was incidently taken at his best mates wedding the year before. After three weeks of cyber chatting, we arranged to meet on a Saturday afternoon at a pub for a drink. If we hit it off I was going to accompany him to a Karaoke night with his best mate and his wife for her “leaving work because I am pregnant” party. Long story short, I followed him to Karaoke that Saturday night (hence his story being vaguely true), fell in love with him the following night, broke up with him the day after (I got mega cold feet and panicked when I considered the age gap and my previous marriage baggage that I was bringing to the relationship blah blah blah), and was swept off my feet two days later by a very determined man who wouldn’t take no for an answer. He stayed the night that night at my place and never moved out.
proposed to him 7 months later and we were pregnant 2 months after that.
He is my love and my life, loves me for every woman I am inside and he isn’t afraid to fight for what he wants. I adore him and cherish the story of how we met – even if I have to say it was at Karaoke – shhhhhh.