I will have been a Wife for four years next month and a Mother for four years in March (yes for those of you who are good at maths, I was 6 months up the duff when we got married :), and these are some of the things I have learnt.

1. It takes one minute to heat up 9 chicken nuggets in the microwave
2. It takes 22 seconds to heat a 210ml formula bottle
3. It takes 30 seconds to heat a cold cup of tea
4. Children have absolutely no concept of the notion of “being quiet”, especially if their younger sibling is napping or has just gone to bed for the night
5. The good stuff that babies want is the stuff on your desk, not the plethora of toys in the lounge room.
6. There is always room for chocolate
7. No matter how close the bin is to the kitchen bench, your husband will always leave his beer bottle tops on the bench
8. No matter how many times you show your husband where the washing machine is, he will always leave his socks where he was sitting when he took off his shoes
9. The best part of my day is still when I hear the garage door opening and Nick coming in 🙂 (unless I am in bed already and then the best bit is being able to starfish in the bed to go to sleep)
10. I don’t know what is so fascinating about the remote, the phone and the oven but all babies want to play with them and drive you nuts trying to get to them
11. Children won’t starve themselves
12. Apparently there IS a taste difference between Orange Juice and V8 Juice – damn kids.
13. A kiss can make anything better
14. A glass of wine and nutella on toast does count as a balanced dinner when you are home alone with the kids
15. Tomorrow is always a fresh day with no mistakes in it (Anne of Green Gables said this – I adored her as a little girl and still do)
16. The best jewellery I own are 2 little pairs of arms wrapped around my neck.
17. Wine IS the answer to most problems
18. There is no such thing as a sleep in after you have had children
19. That I would love just five minutes alone to go to the toilet in peace
20. There is a number 1, number 2 and a number 3 with regards to nappies
21. That I can only be the best Mum and Wife that I know how to be and feel comfortable living with – perfection is overrated and doesnt exist – you will go mad trying to please everybody
22. The right way is the one that works
23. Potato Fries count as a Vegetable in the 2 fruit/5 veg rule
24. The best feeling in the world is a hug and a kiss from your child – just cos they felt like it *love*

25. ………That I have soooo much more to learn (eeeek, my boys will be teens before I blink) – and I’m looking forward to it 🙂

What have you learnt?

’til next time,