Story of my Life has issued a challenge – to blog every day in May.
She has laid the daily topics out, all ready to go.

Taking a deep breath………
(big breaths, yeth and Im only thixteen!!)
Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less 
(or one paragraph… no one will be counting your words… probably)
Right. Here we are then.

Born in Perth, Western Australia. 

An only child. My parents divorced when I was thirteen. 

Would only eat green food at the age of five – seriously, Mum dyed my mashed potato green and I ate it ALL up! Went to a private girls school with a mint green uniform. Noice. 
Moved out of home at 18. Attended Curtin University where I started off with a degree in PR but ended up with one in Politics. Fell into hospitality along the way which stuck. 

Had my first major heartbreak at 24.  

Was a five star restaurant tart/Manager and ended up being the Maître D at Jacksons Restaurant, one of Perths most awarded restaurants – most.divine.job.ever. 

Got married at 29 and gave up most.devine.job.ever to move to Ayers Rock and work here with husband. Lush. Not the being married bit. Awful. Got amicably divorced at 32 and moved back home to Perth. 

Got a cushy new job as a EA to wife of head chef at most.devine.job.ever. 

Had lots of “interesting” internet dates. Mr Point Five was number three. He never went home after our third date. 

Was engaged, up the duff, a resident of South Hedland, married and a Mum all within eleven months. 

Far out. 

Lived in Hedland for just over two years, then hubby was transferred to Boddington where Master J was born. Lived there for 2.5 years and moved to Cranbrook (SW Western Australia) where we are now. We will prolly move again in a year or two – casualty of Mr Point Fives job.

256 words.