I’m sorry that I offend you with my beliefs and that I sometimes override you with my passion. 
I’m not doing it to piss you off – I am doing it because its the only way I know how to be. 

I am very sorry that what I did and said hurt you. But I’m not sorry I did and said them. 
I believe in the things I say, and don’t say most things lightly, but I AM sorry they hurt you.

I’m sorry that I upset you when I disagree with you and that you feel your only option to “deal” with me and show me your feelings is to hang up the phone. 
I’m sorry you cant listen to me anymore. I’m sorry you don’t care what I think or how I feel.
I’m sorry I’m not perfect.

I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you.

I’m sorry that I didn’t do more with my life and that I have nothing exciting to tell you when we talk. 
I’m sorry that you are no longer my number one and that the people between these four walls are now my everything who I will defend and stand up for when they are hurt by your words or actions. 
I am sorry I put my little family of four’s feelings and harmony above what used to be our own.

I’m sorry that I can only listen to your opinions now and no longer take them as the gospel in which they are given. I am sorry that you cannot acknowledge my right to an opinion that is different to yours, without it making me the lesser person.

I’m sorry our lives seem to no longer share any simile or mutual happiness, so very sorry.

I’m sorry I grew up and away from you.

I am sorry for the distance between us, both in land and mind.

I’m sorry we don’t even seem to enjoy each others company anymore.
I’m sorry that you don’t see anything wrong with your attitude towards me.

I’m sorry the respect has seemingly gone.

I am really sorry we are so much alike 

It is killing our love. 

I don’t want it to die.
But I am NOT sorry that I became the woman I am.

I am a good person.
I am the best person you taught me how to be.
I am a product of your upbringing.

I am doing a damn fine job of being a Mother, even if you wont say so.

I want to be your friend, not your daughter.
I don’t want to be taught as a child anymore, I just want to be accepted for the woman I am.

I’m sorry its come to this.
Truly I am.