Blog Every Day in May – Day 15 – A Day in the Life

Here is a day in the life if me – today, May 15th 2013, in photos. I totally forgot about this post until we had arrived home from the morning school drop, so there is no photographic evidence that I got up, had two coffee’s, had a shower with Master J (whew – dodged a bullet there didnt you?), kissed Mr Point Five goodbye as he left for work at one minute to 8 for his 8am start, got both boys dressed, made a school lunch, dropped G Man to school, collected the mail and went to the deli...
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 14 – 10 things that make me happy.

1. Watching my boys playing sweetly together when they think I’m not looking, followed very closely by seeing that clock roll over to , the boys bedtime. 2. Achieving the next level of Candy Crush Saga without losing a life. 3. Smelling rain on a warm bitumen road or wattle on a spring day is pure joy. 4. Lying under the stars – I have nearly forgotten what this is like since having kids. 5. Sitting down by myself to an episode of Greys Anatomy with a tub of cookie dough. 6. French Champagne, BBQéd crayfish and foie gras....
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 13 – An Open Apology.

I’m sorry that I offend you with my beliefs and that I sometimes override you with my passion.  I’m not doing it to piss you off – I am doing it because its the only way I know how to be.  I am very sorry that what I did and said hurt you. But I’m not sorry I did and said them.  I believe in the things I say, and don’t say most things lightly, but I AM sorry they hurt you. I’m sorry that I upset you when I disagree with you and that you feel your only option to “deal” with me...
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 10 – Most Embarrassing Moment

I think my threshold of embarrassment must be getting higher as I get older.  Does this happen to anyone else? I mean, I do dumb things sometimes….  especially when I am pregnant…. ….but they really aren’t embarrassing to me. Maybe to my husband, but I just really don’t feel like I want the earth to swallow me whole. I have to admit, I went to my friends on facebook today and I asked them to remind me of any embarrassing things that they can recall me doing…. There were a few things from the past few years thrown around, but to honest I wasn’t real embarrassed that they...
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 9 – A moment in my day

Forgive me for cheating a little for today…..About a year ago, I wrote this it out as it is what I want to share again for this theme is about a very special time of day for me and my babe, who is now two. It still happens just like this but at about now. Seems I have gained an extra half hour of sleep for being a good Mumma for a whole year.
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 8 – Advice.

Day 8, Wednesday.  A piece of advice I have for others…..When I was in my early 20’s my Dad gave me a piece of advice that I still quote to this day. It fits many an occasion and is totally had finally finished with puberty and had sadly come to realisation that I had only been blessed with a generous A cup or a very small B cup, depending what brand of brassiere I bought (or stole from Aherns when I as 18 and got arrested, but that’s a whole other blog post).I was lamenting away one day in a jovial fashion...
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 7 – What I am most afraid of…

Day 7, Tuesday.  The Thing I am most afraid of…. I didn’t really think about this until we went away just now over the school holidays just now, but what I am most afraid of right now, is letting go of my kids, even ever so slightly, inch by inch. Right now we live in a tiny town – about 500 people. There are only 70 kids in the school and the principal knows them and their families well. There is no bullying or mean-spiritness and the kids are all very accepting of my angel and his dyspraxia. They don’t tease him but...
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 5 – my fave blogger :)

Day 5, Sunday.   Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them?     Meet of you may know her as the blogger over at Almost Jane, but to me she is more than is my bestest have never met Jane – we have never actually talked. I don’t know what her voice sounds yet every day we chat. Our realities are similar.  We are both SAHM’s with toddlers the same age. Due to her flailing eyesight, Jane is often at home as am I, due to there being NOTHING...
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