I'm a terrible, terrible housewife….

This is my clean washing pile. Well, it was when I took this picture a few months ago. Actually, its the G rated version of it. At the moment it is up to the Y in the word SORRY and is balancing on a knife edge of total collapse. I was at work the other day and knowing my total detestation for putting the clean washing away, hubby thought he would earn some sex brownie points. He folded the LOT and then sorted the folded clothes into piles for each family member. I arrived home to each pile stacked...
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The one about the suitcase….

 Any “Everybody Loves Raymond” fans out there?? This episode is pure GOLD and perfectly sums up a VERY common problem in our household. Who unpacks the suitcase??? Debra and Ray go away and the suitcase stays on the staircase landing for three weeks whilst each waits for the other to unpack it. Its a battle of the wills until Ray needs to use it to go away for a work trip. Totally hilarious and if you have time, click and enjoy.         Mr Point Five and I used to use suitcases frequently as we live in the...
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Put the laundry away? Yeah, not gonna happen.

There is something wrong with me. Seriously. I am a grown woman. I have given birth to two children. I maintain a home, of sorts. I used to hold down a full-time job of responsibility. And yet, I simply CANNOT move the folded washing to the room it belongs to. WORST JOB IN THE WORLD. My nemesis. Apart from Boris. I wish I had OCD. Not Obsessive Coffee Disorder, I have that. I would rather go and change a pooey nappy. Or Two or Five. Than relocate folded clothes to drawers. Why? Riddle me why??? This is my clean washing pile. ...
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