1. Watching my boys playing sweetly together when they think I’m not looking, followed very closely by seeing that clock roll over to 7.30pm, the boys bedtime.
2. Achieving the next level of Candy Crush Saga without losing a life.
3. Smelling rain on a warm bitumen road or wattle on a spring day is pure joy.
4. Lying under the stars – I have nearly forgotten what this is like since having kids.
5. Sitting down by myself to an episode of Greys Anatomy with a tub of cookie dough.
6. French Champagne, BBQéd crayfish and foie gras.
These could also go on my list of stuff I miss since I got married and had kids.
Nowadays its Yellowglen, frozen prawns and liverwurst.
7. Having a neat, clean and tidy house. 
This moment of pure happiness happens roughly 4 times a year when we have our parents stay for the weekend.
8. The fact that I don’t yet let out a little wee when I sneeze makes me happy. Although the fact that I have to clench very hard to achieve this is worrisome.
9. Catching Mr Point Five staring at me with a goofy loving look on his face. It also makes me happy when I see this look on his face when he is watching our kidlets. Tres cute.
10.  My coffee from our Cappuccino Machine first thing in the morning. And the one 2 minutes after the first. I wont say it makes me truly happy but it staves off the irrits which is kinda the same thing at stupid o’clock.
What makes you happy?
Do you pee when you sneeze??