Fields of Gold in my Backyard

 I have been in love with the colour yellow for a very long time. You cannot possibly be grumpy whilst standing in a field of yellow. Yellow makes me smile. If I won the lotto, I would buy a lemon-yellow Monaro. I sniff with delight when the first, if a little overenthusiastic, wattle tree comes into bloom in late winter and gape in amazement for the rest of spring at her glory and beauty. I could drink in the blooms forever, the soft powder puffs nuzzled against my cheek. I would fill my house with them, if thy would...
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Our Holiday – Part Three: the way home.

At the end of the Onslow driveway – left to where we used to live, or right towards home? So, after 10 days of living in the in-laws pockets we are on our way home. With the in-laws. Yep. They had to drive down to Perth and so we coordinated this part of our trip to piggy back down the coast with them. My poor Mother-in-law. She left the accommodation up to me and I married her son…. Who is a tight arse and wouldnt let me book anywhere good.  So you saw her house and all her pretties...
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Our Holiday – Part Two – 10 days in Onslow.

So Day one at Onslow we hit the beach. My boys have only ever seen the beach once, last November so this was a novelty and they both adored it! Master J was a little hesitant of the water to start with and clung to his bucket and spade on the beach but G Man happily frolicked on the shore and wasnt interested much in making sandcastles. Above are some of the special effects our camera does – pretty speccy huh? The salt jetty is long and makes for a pretty awesome backdrop Day 2 we went out...
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Our Holiday – Part One: from Home to the in-laws place.

   See the pin that says A?? That’s where we live. In Cranbrook, WA, population: approx 600. Now pin B is where hubby’s parents live, Onslow, WA population: approx 700. Distance between is just over 1700km according to google maps. I’m not sure when the fairy of insanity visited us and put the idea of a massive road trip with two small children on the cards when we were actually planning a cruise to Bali instead but visit she did, and off we went in early August for three whole weeks! The Adventra was packed to the rafters with the Two...
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Who am I?

Joining up from Eden from Edenland for her linky blog called “who the hell are you””? Its a little bit serious but I have had a few wines so all should be good. Who am I?  Hi, my name is Lisa. I live in Cranbrook, South West WA, population 500 and this is the 5th house I have lived in in the past five years, thanks to hubby’s work. I am a second time wife, first time mother and dutiful only daughter to separated parents. My first husband loved his meth more than me and my second husband would give...
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The Pros and Cons of the Man Flu

The past two weeks have seen me come down with a cold, hubby catch the same cold or the Man Flu version of it, and then palming it back to me again. We have given up sharing the same bed as the snoring contest is simply amazing and NOBODY wins that battle. Our sex life is in the toilet as kissing requires the ability to breathe though your nose and the actual act of love-making requires one of you to get active on top which is the last thing you feel like with a head full of cotton wool...
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