Day 2, Thursday. 

Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.

I asked Mr Point Five what my greatest talent was – after all, he should know right??

Without skipping a beat, he says “nagging”

I actually have done a blog post before about my nagging talent so here is todays post, pillaged and revamped.

Here is what Mr Point Five coins as nagging. It starts as a simple request.

For example, the bin is full to overflowing, it is 4pm and I am about to start cooking dinner. 

He starts work at 5pm. The conversation goes something like this.

Me: Honey can you please take the rubbish out? Its full and I have tied the bag.

(before you say I should have taken it out myself, the rubbish is one of the FEW household chores that we both agree is Mr Point Fives job)

Honey: sure – on my way to work.

Me: are you sure? The bin is full, I am about to add more with cooking dinner and I have started another bag on top.

Honey: yep – gonna have a shower and then I will take it on my

way to work. Please dont nag me – you know I hate that.

Me: OK – but now I have put your beers in the fridge and have filled up the beer carton on top as well.

Honey: OK! I understand – no need to remind me! I told you I will take it out on my way out the door! Grrrrrr!!! 
(that’s a Grrr from him to me btw)

Look what I noticed 5 minutes after hubby had left for work. 

Bloody Men!

And they wonder WHY we nag! 
Just do the simple fecking REQUEST the FIRST time and we won’t ever NAG you!!

I am willing to bet the sheep station that EVERY single woman attached to a man has a bin story like this.

In fact my darling nag-ee actually turned around one day and told me that if I kept nagging at him to do stuff over and over again then he just wouldn’t do it at all. I think my mouth fell open, catching flies. I stifled the urge to fall about laughing. What is the word I am looking for? Ironic? No…..plain fecking obvious is what that statement is!

Women are damned if they nag and left doing everything else if they don’t.