This is me.

Talking about my husband, not my kids.


Well, no it isn’t. Its Lucy Lawless I think.
But it COULD be me.
This is me and mine; G Man is now aged rising seven and Master J, just turned four.
I am married but I am trying to keep his identity a secret. Let just say that nobody has seen Mr Point Five and Charlie Hunnam in the same room and there’s a reason why 🙂
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This is the non PC version of us.
I would be wearing one of my non PC T-Shirts which I love but I threw them all out when I became the wife of the Police OIC of our small country town.
Cant have everybody knowing can we? Just you lot.

An introduction to me – I am:

  • a stay at home mum of two boys and a husband – (the point five in my blog) – atm I work Kindy hours at our local Shire which is 4 mornings a week and NO school holidays.
  • 41 years old (and have the cellulite to prove it)
  • the wife of a Police Officer.
  • a blogger of sorts because my childless friends were bored to tears with all my facebook status updates about pooey nappies, and as I didn’t want them to die from excrement updates, I started up a page. Which grew into a blog.
  • a restaurant manager in my former life. I miss French Champagne and Foie Gras.
  • running a little non-profitable  business from home
  • not afraid to admit that I cry at the drop of a hat, especially when watching Grays Anatomy or really cute/sad commercials with babies or puppies or those HBF ones – my husband thinks this is adorable (you DO know this is an ad don’t you???) so I try not to do it in front of him
  • allergic to exercise – makes me all red in the face and I break out in a sweat
  • a Scorpio – be forewarned :)
  • not very PC, did I mention that?  I am outspoken and own my opinion.
  • annoyed at grammatical errors – shits me to tears. I have blocked people for it.
  • happy when I can make people smile and I will endeavour to achieve this by regaling you with tales of my hapless husband and my take on motherhood :)
  • in love with my boys, big and small but am definitely not having any more. If I come on here and break news of a third you will know our birth control has failed in a BIG way.


I think that’s a good enough summary for now – I’m sure you will get to know me more as I go and I look forward to getting to know you all too.