Stop Hubby snoring in four easy steps!

The snoring night dance – you all know how it goes. You go to bed, kiss each other good night, he puts his earplugs in and you roll back to back. The first few hours are OK, you are both desperately tired so you fall into a deep slumber but something, you don’t know what, disturbs you at about 1am and you are awake. You are acutely aware that your husband is flat on his back and has morphed into a rabid snoring monster Your eardrums are assaulted in no regular pattern that could possibly be soothing.  The blend of chainsaw and choking...
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My kingdom for an earplug.

OK – here is a scenario for you… You and your partner/husband go to bed at 10pm. He puts his earplugs in, you don’t. You are up to the toddler at , 2am and 4am. Upon returning to bed each time you are confronted with the snore monster from hell and it takes a good half hour to get back to sleep each time. The 4 year old is awake at 6am and you get up to start the day. Husbands alarm for work goes off at 7am. Husband wanders out into kitchen and says…… a) Here honey, I know you’ve...
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