Dangling the Proverbial and oh-so Sexy Carrot

So Mr Point Five and I were watching Sunrise the other morning and they had a segment on wives using sex as a reward for their husbands for doing various chores around the home. I was looking over at hubby who was avidly watching the segment with a look of both abject horror and defeat on his face. I said to him See honey? You’re not the only poor bastard husband who has to earn his pleasure. There are enough of you to warrant an entire Sunrise segment  🙂 Now I know some of you may look pityingly on...
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The fish that got away.

BLOG RATING Mature Adults. I don’t have many regrets in my life. I figure that even the things that we have failed at we can learn from and the lessons learned make us a stronger and better person. But as I enter my 40th year in life I do have an adults only regret – I have yet to have a threesome and I reckon my time is pretty much up to experience one.  I was proffered once in a nightclub about 15 years ago but I was sooo not prepared and I took off giggling.  Dumb, dumb, dumb. Now don’t get me...
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