I think my threshold of embarrassment must be getting higher as I get older. 
Does this happen to anyone else?

I mean, I do dumb things sometimes…. 
especially when I am pregnant….

….but they really aren’t embarrassing to me. Maybe to my husband, but I just really don’t feel like I want the earth to swallow me whole.

I have to admit, I went to my friends on facebook today and I asked them to remind me of any embarrassing things that they can recall me doing…. There were a few things from the past few years thrown around, but to honest I wasn’t real embarrassed that they happened….
My care factor for embarrassment on the cusp of 40? 
Less than zero.

My BFF from high school  chimed in and reminded me of a phone call in year 10 inviting a certain boy to a certain social. Ooooohhhhh I reply, I REMEMBER that!!!!
Yes – that was when I rang my crush of three, yes, THREE years and asked him to be my date at his school social. I had drooled from afar over this young God for nearly 36 months. He was blonde with deep blue eyes. His hair fell over his eyes, just a little. Think River Phoenix. My Dad (teacher at his school) used to coach him tennis in the summer and hockey in the winter and I would eagerly await my train stop en route from school, so I could get off and watch the God practise his craft. For three years. THREE.
So anyway….I decided to man up and call him. On the phone. He was a boarder (we both went to single sex private schools) and I had to negotiate my way through a plethora of boys to get to my love. His voice was like honey. Warm, silken honey. I said to him: you don’t know me but my I watch you practise tennis and hockey (stalker much?). I was wondering if you would like to go to the school social with me this weekend?? He was lovely, really gorgeous in his most heartfelt apologies. I’m really sorry, he said, I would love to, but I have to go to a sheep auction (I told you he was a boarder from a farming family) with my parents. Maybe the next one? I forgave him instantly. What a mature young man. Putting family obligations before true love. How gorgeous. I told him I would I understood and would wait with baited breath for us to talk soon. I hung up and swooned. My poor darling family obligated nearly boyfriend.

You can imagine my horror, humiliation and pure embarrassment when he turned up at the school social with a stunning girl that was not me. 
Sheep auction my arse. 
Lucky for him I was not the tenacious and bold thing I am now.

Anyway – I suggested this story to my highschool bestie and she said No, no, no. Not THAT story, the other one. Other one?? Yes, when I was too chicken to ask my crush to the social so YOU volunteered to do it for me. 
Except when you rang, you got chatting and asked the person who you thought was him. 
You asked his 40 year old father to accompany your 14 year old BFF to the school social instead.  
Her memory is of me dying of shame with her standing next to me as my wingman. 
Apparently I hung up the phone. Quickly.
Ummmm – whooops!!
Totes as we now would say.

picture courtesy of Sonia at Life, Love and Hiccups 🙂
I used to get embarrassed a LOT back in high school and in my early 20’s.
Now?? Not so much.