Mr Point Five got home yesterday after being away for a week. SO you know what that means when the kids go to bed. Yep, a bit of the old horizontal sheet boogy. He had a shower and a shave. I slipped into my non-floral/flanny nightie and the kissing had JUST started when……
I knew who it was and I had to answer. My poor Mum has been in hospital for about 4 weeks now and I talk to her every day when she goes in, which is a common occurrence.  It isn’t an option – if I don’t speak with her she gets worried and starts to freak out (she has a severe mental illness). I just have to talk to her. I meant to call her after dinner but I forgot and when the phone rang I KNEW who it was and I was kicking myself at the timing. I think hubby was kicking more as when he realised who it was he put his jocks back on and grabbed the eee-pad whilst I talked in bed. It isn’t an ordinary conversation by any stretch of the imagination and he knows my mind will not be focussed for between the sheets activities after I have finished.
Oh well, a silver lining to the call is at least we are in bed early and we can both can make the most of a decent nights sleep as I was on a lie-in promise this morning. 
I really should have informed Master J of this plan.
We turned out the light at 10pm and after stressing about my conversation with my Mum for a while I was wrenched from my slumber at 11.45 by a toddler letting me know that he was well awake with no intentions of going back to sleep. I sat beside the bed with my head on the pillow, coaxing his head down next to mine and tiptoeing out when I thought he was asleep. Nup. I argued with him (yes, seriously, I argued with a toddler – who do you think won?). NO he said when I asked him to lie down. I got him some “Chugging” trains to play with – no good. I stood outside his door until I thought he was asleep and crept down the hall when I saw his head drop. Nope. I sat with him and cuddled and just when I felt him get heavy I heard G Man calling out for me from the other room. Crap. I popped Master J back into bed, sorted out G Man (who bloody wanted the TV back on at 1am – get real buddy I told him!), heard the dulcet tones of silence from Bubba J’s room and finally went to bed at 1.15. I was frozen so I popped the leccy blanket on low. Not 5 minutes later I heard Master J protesting again so up I get. Utterly defeated by this time after nearly two hours of shenanigans I bring him back to bed with me. After 20 minutes we are both burning up – he is like a little boiling hot water bottle cuddled up to my back and I remember the electric blanket. Reaching down (the control is at the foot end of the bed) I turn it off, half pulling the doona off hubby as I do so who grumbles at being woken up (I KNOW!!!!!!!) 
Ended up spending the night on the high part in the middle of the bed – sandwiched between my darling snoring husband who had sat up with me while I cried before going to sleep, so I didn’t want to disturb him as he was on get-up duty, and my youngest son who was sprawled out like a hot sleeping ferret taking up all of my side of the bed. Our king size bed never felt so small.
I think next time I will pop Master J into our bed and then go sleep in his bed. What do you do with the night time bed dance??? Who is the winner and who is the loser???