Day 3, Friday. 

Things that make me uncomfortable.

I have been thinking all day about what makes me uncomfortable.

I know what makes me really squirmy, “turn away in your seat, can’t even watch through splayed  fingers when its on the TV” uncomfortable…..

Its not very PC of me, and I run the risk of upsetting a few of you and maybe even losing readers. 
I have been advised not to put it on my list and this makes me uncomfortable.

I like to be honest but as I put in another blog post, honesty doesn’t necessarily mean you should sprout every little thing that you might be thinking. Some things may offend others and probably shouldn’t be said.

 I don’t think this is one of them though, but still, I have been told in this day and age its a no-go thing to admit to. 

Shhhhhh – you CAN’T say THAT!!!

Not saying what I think when I am ITCHING to makes me uncomfortable.

So, a very vanilla post about some more things that make me uncomfortable…..

1. Spiders with Hairy Legs. To the point of hysteria and hyperventilating.
Spiders without hairy legs don’t bother me.  Freud would have a field day with this I think…

2. Having Mr Point Five use the toilet when I can see him from the shower.
Our holiday chalet just now had the toilet IN the bathroom. 
This is the man I want to have hot sex with, not see straining away on the loo. 
Why?? WHY???

3. Taking both kidlets along for a full fortnights grocery shopping. Actually, forget uncomfortable, that makes me plain out of my mind crazy.

4. Walking out of a public toilet cubicle that already stank when I went in. I feel responsible and VERY uncomfortable. 

5. When Aunt Flo is more than 6 hours late I tend to start freaking out.


Vanilla List. Done.

Oh, and for those who can read and take a comment for what it actually says without being offended, here is the one that I described first and should be at the top of my list. 

6. When I see two blokes kissing on TV.

I’m not homophobic. 
I support gay marriage. 
It just makes me uber uncomfortable and I cant watch. I always fast-forward in my head and think about what happens next. I find my mind going places it really shouldn’t be.
 That’s where poo comes OUT

So sue me and get all offended now.

What makes YOU uncomfortable??