Day 5, Sunday. 
Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? 

Meet Jane.
Some of you may know her as the blogger over at Almost Jane, but to me she is more than that.
She is my friend.
My bestest cyber-friend.
I have never met Jane – we have never actually talked. I don’t know what her voice sounds like.
And yet every day we chat. 
Our realities are similar.  
We are both SAHM’s with toddlers the same age. Due to her flailing eyesight, Jane is often at home as am I, due to there being NOTHING to do in my little town. We both lurch around the house during the day and if I message her with a question or a general “hey there, hows your day” it is usually replied to with a virtual smile and a “hey there yourself” within a few minutes. 
We know what it is like to have children with learning difficulties (My G Man has dyspraxia and her Milla has recently been diagnosed with ASD). We can vent frustrations without judgement. We share the ups and downs of being SAHM’s and gossip like giggling girls at the days of our lives over at GOMI (both praying we are never mentioned on there). We both quaff wine like its nobody’s business and share a mutual distaste for housework. I have no doubt that I would be greeted with the same welcoming state of warm disarray as my own home if I were to ever visit her.
I have never had a morning cuppa with her or shared a glass of wine or two in the evenings, but it feels like we have. I know we definitely should!
We have our differences too.
She is gluten intolerant vegetarian and I would murder a blue steak.
She looks at the ingredients list of a product and will object to the use of Palm Oil.
I had to ask her what palm oil was and love when foie gras is on a restaurant menu.
She lives near the beach in Victoria with suburbia in walking distance, and I live in a small farming town in the south west of Western Australia.
She likes legumes and tofu. Ugh. I would rather eat my toenails.
Jane is a good person, one of the nicest I know. She is unassuming, shy and bashful. She is better, stronger and more deserving than she thinks she is. She is thoughtful, empathetic and passionate. She stands up for others and for the greater good in the world. She is reserved. I imagine if I met her I would think her gentle. She plays by the rules. Her sense of humour is awesome – it’s sharp and witty and dry. Her sarcasm rips right through you. I think its fantastic. She needs to show it more.  She cares too much about what others think. She needn’t worry. I KNOW she is amazing. 
I like to think of Jane as my conscience.
The Jiminy to my Pinocchio.

I tend to write some blog posts as a reaction to events and circumstances. If I feel that they may be inflammatory or inappropriate, I send her the unpublished post to vet for approval. I take on board what she says as it is usually the calm voice of reason. I know that her view is valid.
….and then I publish them anyway and let the shit hit the fan. I know she has my back.
Thanks for being my cyber blogging bestie Jane, I don’t know where I would be without you.