Blog Every Day in May – Day 4 – Favourite Quote

Day 4, Saturday.¬†Favourite quote – from a person/book and why I love I have so very many favourite quotes and sayings and paragraphs and books. Its way too hard to choose one!! I will go with the serious ones on this post but I could easily dedicate another post to my fave humourous quotes, mostly from Blackadder!!! My LORD that TV series has a plethora of inspiration that tickles my ribe ūüôāI will break them up into times of my life and what touched me most at the time. They have all been on yellow post-it notes on...
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 3 – uncomfortable…..

Day 3, Friday.¬†Things that make me have been thinking all day about what makes me know what makes me really squirmy, “turn away in your seat, can’t even watch through splayed ¬†fingers when its on the TV” uncomfortable…..Its not very PC of me, and I run the risk of upsetting a few of you and¬†maybe¬†even losing readers.¬†I have been advised not to put it on my list and this makes me like to be honest but as I put in another blog post, honesty¬†doesn’t¬†necessarily mean you should sprout every little thing that you might be thinking....
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 2 – Something I am good at

Day 2, Thursday.¬†Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. I asked Mr Point Five what my greatest talent was ‚Äď after all, he should know right?? Without skipping a beat, he says ‚Äúnagging‚ÄĚ I actually have done a blog post before about my nagging talent so here is todays post, pillaged and revamped. Here is what Mr Point Five coins as nagging. It starts as a simple request. For example, the bin is full to overflowing, it is 4pm and I am about to start cooking dinner.¬† He starts work at 5pm. The...
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Blog Every Day in May – Day 1 – me in 250 words

Story of my Life has issued a challenge – to blog every day in has laid the daily topics out, all ready to a deep breath………(big breaths, yeth and Im only thixteen!!)Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less¬†(or one paragraph… no one will be counting your words… probably)Right. Here we are then. Born in Perth, Western Australia.¬† An only child. My parents divorced when I was thirteen.¬† Would only eat green food at the age of five ‚Äď seriously, Mum dyed my mashed potato green and I ate it ALL up!...
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