Oh my!! If I read another PC post on New Years Resolutions I think I may just puke. 
Lets be realistic here people…whilst world peace and a permanently clean house would be nice lets focus on stuff that’s achievable for little ole me.
Here is my list of things I want to do more of in 2013. 
1. Improve the sex life with Mr Point Five. The poor darlings romping has slipped significantly since having kids and I am afraid the product I am offering him is not what was advertised when he accepted my proposal of marriage. I’m sure the poor bugger may have thought twice if he had realised the hiatus his nookie would go on.. On that note…..
2.  Spend more on sexy underwear for me. I have discovered that if I feel more sexy then I am in the mood for lovin’ more often so its a win win really for both hubby and me. The underwear I have bought for myself since having kids is disgraceful; $9 for a matching set from KMart, bought straight off the rack as I usually have 2 kidlets hanging off me at purchase. Pre-children I would linger in the lacy section, try many varieties on, and choose the most uplifting and flattering styles. I really should do this again and I think it will make a huge difference in the bedroom 🙂
3. Read a book. I would be happy with just one. Before kiddies I would read a book every 2-3 days and have a huge stack next to the bed which constantly changed.  In the past 5 years I have read one book, well actually there were three of them and I think you know which ones they were. Not really literacy it its finest and I really would like to get lost in something with, oh lets see, an actual believable storyline!
4. Finally get to a point with Two Point Five Kids that I can log off for a night and realise that you will all still love me in the morning. I REALLY want to get back to a forgotten passion of mine, my scrapping, which since starting TP5K, has fallen by the wayside. Poor Master J only has half an album, compared to G Mans five or six! I have cleared a shelf post Christmas and am ready 🙂
5. Spread my wings and look for a playgroup in the next town 40km down the highway. Next year, G Man will be in preprimary for five days a week and it will just be me and Master J. The playgroup here is only once a week for 2 hours and both he and I will go stir crazy if I don’t get us out of the house more! Plus I will meet some more IRL friends and thats gotta be good! This moving around all over the state really doesn’t help me get off facebook and make new friends. It just encourages me to stay online and connect with my friends from towns I no longer live in which isn’t completely healthy – I need to get out for real cuppa’s more often!
I could write a few more goals that I would LOVE to achieve but I know will never come to fruition and I wont even bother to instigate but just for laughing out louds sake here they are…
6. Tone my bum and tummy – this will require exercise which is why it is never gonna happen. 
I don’t DO exercise.
7. Keep a clean house – stop laughing.
8. Fold and put away my clean washing on more than a monthly basis or when the pile threatens to take over the kitchen. This one I am semi serious about. It may happen yet, but prolly not.
9. Cut down on my evening wine intake. This is something I know should prolly happen but I enjoy it too much and life is too short to not drink wine. Bite me.
10. Brush the damned dog more often. The hair that he sheds is the bain of my existence and the main reason point 7 is never achieved. The solution is easy enough but for some reason I simply don’t do it, even though every day is “the day” I will do it.  I am pathetic.
Anyway – whatever resolutions and wishes you have made I hope they come true and that 2013 is an awesome year for you all. Thank you all for your love and (mostly) support, just don’t mention the guns!
Catch you all in twenty thirteen!