For those of you who read my last post this post will make more sense. Due to an unexpected health hiccup in our plans we have decided to move back to the big smoke on a permanent basis, where city policing is significantly different from regional policing and a position can be found for Mr Point Five that is more suited for him and our family at this time.

So after leaving Perth straight after his academy graduation in August 2007; six towns, eight houses and 10 years later, we are finally moving back “home”. G Man who is finishing year 4 this year has been to five different schools and Master J, aged 6, has already called five towns home. Its time.

We were told last Wednesday that three weeks from then the moving trucks would be arriving and packing up all our belongings. We have no home in Perth anymore so we are combing the real estate websites looking for homes to buy that will be near Mr Point Fives Station. Its really tough trying to buy a house from 600 km away!  We have seen a few; Mr Point Fives parents have gone to look at a few for us and my Dad and his wife are viewing three more tomorrow. If we get the tick of approval from the parentals that it does indeed look like the house online and there are no hidden surprises, we will put in an offer on Monday; yes, from 600km away without viewing it ourselves! Eeeep. CRAZY! The idea is for prepack on the 19th, uplift on the 20th so we stay at a chalet in town, and drive out on the 21st December with Mr Point Five potentially starting work on the 22nd. We will move in with the in-laws until settlement which will hopefully be before the boys start school on January 31st. Thats the plan; will keep you updated.

So we arent putting the tree up this year which I am struggling with; we have a LOT of Christmas stuff and to put it up only to take it down 2 and a half weeks later would be painful. Perhaps we should have put it up mid November….ah well. Sheldon our elf arrived yesterday with his traditional advent calendar so we have that sense of normalcy of Christmas I guess. But its nowhere near. I’ll have to remember to move that lil fucker here til the 19th, and in the Motel, and at the in-laws, and keep him hidden in transit but I guess it will be worth it if thats the only Christmas tradition the boys will have this year. On the bright side we will be having Christmas Day with family instead of just the four of us, so that will be nice. Our first Christmas back in Perth in 10 years.

I have been job hunting. It kills me to resign from my gorgeous job down here and I will miss it terribly. In this little town of 500 it was a very rewarding job to shape the community ambiance and bring joy and happiness to the town. I love to make people smile. The jumping pillow is like my third child here 🙂 Another casualty of county policing is the spouse and their job; they just get settled into a rewarding position and RIP! All gone and start again. I have never had an issue getting a job in any of our towns; it has been a perk of Mr Point Fives job. I have even had jobs offered to me in the next town before I have even left our last town! Crazy. But Perth will be different with lots of competition and lets face it, at 44 I aint getting any younger. After 10 years of being “someone” before I have even arrived in a town, it will definitely feel odd to be a nobody. I know this will be mentally challenging for me as weird as it sounds. In Perth I definitely will NOT be telling people what Mr Point Five does; I’ll say he is in waste removal or something.  😉 Im guessing my little cake business will have way too much competition as well as my Jamberry business and these will fall by the wayside; thats a bit sad but as least I will have 2 cool cakes to make each year. 🙂

The kids are OK with the impending move; they know it will be our last and we are looking for a school that carries through to year 12 so they don’t have to move school again with the transition to high school. G Man is cruisy, embracing the adventure whilst Master J is hesitant; there have been tears, worried that once again he is abandoning his friends, worried he wont make new ones. Some of the friends we have made around WA in the last 10 years with kids have since moved to Perth so that will be fantastic; having some mates for the boys already there to look forward to. I of course have the mates I left 10 years ago plus the ones I have collected over the past 10 years who are now in Perth. I know some of those relationships have changed but I hope a lot haven’t and I am both excited and nervous at reintroducing myself again. Thanks to facebook, the good eggs have always kept in contact over the hiatus so fingers crossed I will have the mates in the flesh I have desperately missed moving around so much.

So. Its pretty busy round these parts. I went to the hospital yesterday, a 100km round trip to get some antibiotics for a sinus infection I have been battling for nearly two weeks. My resting pulse rate was 128 bpm and my blood pressure was 168 over 70 so I guess I am a little stressed about the move, buying a house we haven’t seen, the impact and effect on the kids, Mr Point Fives health and finding a bloody job, because you know, mortgage!! Watch this space and the next post will be written as a city cop wife; whatever that role may be. Might have to change my blog header pic 🙂