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So the holidays are over, school went back today and I am still unemployed. Today has been the first day that I have dropped the boys to school and come home all by myself. I have to say I didn’t like it and I am busting to get back to work. I feel like a bludger being at home and I have no tolerance for housework. Mr Point Five is at a conference in a neighbouring town for the next two days and I am aimlessly wandering around at home. There are crafty things I COULD be doing but I know what we need most is the $$$ I could be earning with no kids underfoot.


I took Xena for a walk to the beach today which was lovely, and I could definitely get used to the lady of leisure lifestyle but its not me. After having relatives and friends staying at our house for an insane 27 out of 31 days in Dec/Jan I am itching to get back to work. I have seen all the beaches close to town, dined at all the cafes, eaten all the takeaways and drunk all the wine. I feel like I need to contribute to our finances now that it is physically possible as school has gone back. I have an interview on Wednesday and I have been going slightly crazy in anticipation in my need to feel useful and financially productive again. There are so many little things that I would like to buy for the boys but we are saying “when Mummy gets a job”. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

Now, My Kitchen Rules starts again tonight, and although Mr Point Five is away and I could watch the season premiere on my own with a wine or two, I am not sure I am ready for the three to four night a week commitment again for months on end. Honestly, towards the back end of last season my unwavering support of that show caused some serious marital spats. Four nights a week in our precious kid-free time really encroached on our husband and wife time. I really don’t think the producers of these shows take this into account when programming. Thinking more on it I reckon I will give this season a miss – it really is a lot to ask of a couple when only one of you is into it. One night a week, even two is OK, but FOUR towards the end is debilitating to any relationship and is a lot to ask of an already time poor couple. #nomoreMKR #atleastnotthisseason

Funny story, driving the boys to school this morning. Master J says Im gonna miss Marty this year. What do you mean I say. He will be in your pre-primary class this year. All the kids from your kindy class last year will be. REALLY?? he says. THATS SO COOL!!! He must have thought he was the only one who went up into pre-primary, funny kid. Master J was also a little bit surprised to find out that he has to back to school again tomorrow. Doh!!


I have joined Jamberry as a consultant – Yes, I am on the Jamberry wagon.
A friend of mine who sells them sent me this sample set above before we moved house in November and I finally got around to popping them on (dead easy) a week before Christmas; a little bit of festivity on my fingers 😉
TWO WEEKS LATER they were still going strong, even after dong ALL the freaking dishes (not looking at the hubby here *shoots daggers at husband*), unpacking many, many boxes and cooking up several Christmas storms with many, many guests. Plus all the other general Mummy duties. They were seriously amazing.
I was so impressed I decided to sell them as well as I just couldn’t rate them high enough. There are so many pretty, pretty designs to choose from and you can get involved in all occasions with Aussie Day wraps, Valentines Day, St Patricks, Easter etc etc. They are $22 a sheet and you can get 2-3 manicures from each set.
As I mentioned, all you need is a hairdryer and a nail file and about 20 minutes and you have the most stunning manicure that everyone comments on.
Pop over to my page, instajam nails, or find me on facebook and see what all the fuss is about.


Anyway – just a quick catch up post on where we are at. Still loving the town and cannot believe we are actually living in a town where people come to holiday. Its nuts after our last posting. Still looking forward to meeting my new BFF. Until I do, I shall chant this.


What do you think? Are YOU committing to MKR this season? Would you feel unfaithful to your partner if you did?

Have you been Jamberried yet? Would you like to?

Any funny first day back at school stories to share?

Wish me luck for Wednesday!