So, we are back from our little 2 week holiday; arriving home to 46C and no power was a sheer JOY I can tell you! Our house LOOKS like it would be cool, but bake those limestone blocks in 40+ temps for over two weeks with no inside cooling and it was a veritable oven!! The walls literally radiated heat from the inside. Mr Point Five is back at work and the boys have started school again for 2015 which means I am also back at work; no rest for the wicked.

Hiccup did a runner on us whilst we were away, only sneaking in at 3am for food then remaining scarce in the heat for the other 23.5 hours of the day. Hubby and I hid it from the kids but we were beginning to be scared we had lost our puddy for good. On day six however we heard him on the other side of the cat door around 9pm and we enticed him in for cuddles and kisses with cat biscuits. Once he was in, he never left again although he did crap in my good pink sneaker that night as a big FYou!! for going on holiday and leaving him. Cats are bastards.

2015-01-01 11.35.44

Hiccup is a terrible Mouser.

 So far we (Mr Point Five) has caught two in my pantry although there is one in the trap now, making three. I am waiting for him to empty it.

2015-02-07 08.56.57

Its been HOT!! The week we got home it was between 44-47 each day. Just horrible. Too hot to be outside in the pool!

I made this video which made the page 🙂 Completely chuffed. I was contacted by Channel 10 news the next day who wanted me to do it again for them for their news bulletin but it was only 43C that day so it wouldn’t have been as good. Missed my opportunity for stardom!

Last week was bearable with temps in the high 30’s but this week coming is predicting 44C every day with a 45C on Tuesday thrown in just for kicks :/ I am dreading the double school pickup, once at 12.30pm for Master J and then again at 2.30pm for G Man.

We have been living here since November 17 last year and GROH still don’t give a shit that we have no TV for the kids or air-conditioning in the kitchen, which can get up to 50C in the evenings when you are trying to cook dinner.  I am so far over them it is ridiculous. For all the effort our boys in blue put in, to be treated with such disdain, well, I will stop myself talking now for fear of another #videogate. The pub has kindly lent us a spare satellite box when we got back from our holiday and I am so grateful for that. Love the community this town has.

Mr Point Five is back at work and I am really looking forward to having some me time in the evenings! I am so far behind with my Greys viewing as well as Downton Abbey and I haven’t blogged in ages. Whilst I love having him home, my house goes to shit as I refuse to clean whilst he is sitting at his computer and I feel really guilty sitting at the computer doing bloggy stuff when he is home. He was called out again last night from 9pm until 2.30am so I am back to being Mrs Adaptable in the mornings. At least it wasn’t as bad as our Christmas Day. He is working away tonight so bring on the TV marathon!

I am back at work, four mornings a week whilst Master J is at Kindy. I am doing rates and other finance bits and pieces for the Shire here as well as working from home for the Shire in our last town as I can log on remotely. Trying to snaffle money away as a deposit for our House of Dreams when we leave this town in 2-3 years. I need to get into some sort of work/housework rhythm now we are back from holiday. The suitcases are still on our bedroom floor, unpacked. Shhhhhhh.

I have the kids new teacher and her two girls coming over for a playdate and an early homemade pizza dinner this afternoon. I am excited, even though it will be 43C  and the kids will want to go for a swim. First playdate since we moved here in November. I have vacuumed and mopped!  So for those who read this post, I am on my way. 🙂


I am fascinated by the weather here – so flipping hot and then the clouds roll in and it buckets with rain in the evenings, whilst still retaining the 40 plus temperatures. Its insane and beautiful. You really feel as if you are part of the weather here, part of the sky sweeping over your home. On a stifling Australia Day we had a small river running past our front door! I prolly bore you on facebook with my #vfmfd photos but I am captivated by the sheer isolation and beauty of the small town we live in; and to see it all from my front door, well, its just gorgeous! Its like its trapped in time.

Not much else to report – all quiet on the western front.

It will be groundhog day until the school term ends 🙂

What would you like to know more about???

Any questions?