So, I was picking up G Man (aged 6) from school last week and I happened to mention that I was going out as soon as we got home to pick Hiccup up from the vets.

Why is Hiccup at the vets G Man asks.

Well, I say, we took him in to have an operation.

What sort of operation?

Hiccup is having an operation so that he cant have any baby cats I tell him confidently, feeling that was going to be the end of the conversation.

*ten seconds silence*

Mummy, how do cats have babies?

*cue thinking music*

Well, I say, cats have babies the same way Mummies and Daddies have babies.

How do Mummies and Daddies have babies?

Well……(slight mental panic) Daddy gives Mummy a seed and it goes in Mummy’s tummy and a baby grows in there.

*wide eyes and massive thinking time*

So I grew in your tummy Mummy?


(whew!!, got out of that one *mental high five*)


(warily) Yes?

How did I get out of your tummy?

Well……. (massive mental panic) you know how you and Daddy and Master J all have winkies and Mummy doesn’t?




Lets ask Daddy when we get home huh??

*arrive home*

G Man runs in – Daddy, how did I get out of Mummy’s tummy when I was a baby?

WTF??? Mr Point Fives eyes say to me?

*hurried husband and wife kitchen talking*

I explain as best as I could our car conversation – I don’t know what to tell him I say, can you help?

Don’t look at me, he says, I would have said Hiccup went to the vets for his injections.


I SO should have thought of that!


What would YOU say? Is six too young to be told all the gory details of childbirth?

I cant tell you how tempted I was to tell him he came out of my bellybutton, but I didn’t.

Oh LOOK! What’s that over there?? Distraction for the WIN.

Does anyone have any good book suggestions that we should buy?


I remember the “Where Did I Come From?” book but I cannot remember how old I was when I was shown it. Surely not six??

Is that still the best one?

HELP! I was so not prepared for that conversation with my six year old!

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