When I started my blog it was just funny stories about the kids and being married. I made fun of my domestically challenged husband and shared a few intimate details regarding my marriage and how I felt in a wide variety of emotions. My friends were my only audience and then it grew. Gradually I introduced what Mr Point Five did for a living (whilst still pulling the piss) which was OK, as all our friends already knew and loved him, and the rest of you lot didn’t know him personally so he wasn’t impacted personally or professionally by what I wrote on an intimate level. Suddenly (well, over four hard worked years) I had over 5000 people reading my thoughts and PR companies wanting to work with me. This was still cool as even though we had moved towns many times, I still managed to keep my blog limited to a tricky combination of friends who knew us, and complete strangers who would never meet us; a delicate balance indeed!! This balance was imperative to Mr Point Fives job and I was very aware of sustaining his anonymity in every town we lived.


Until last week, when somehow (I have an inkling how but a good police wife presumes innocence until proven guilty), a town resident found out about my blog and knew I was its author. Overnight Mr Point Five lost his anonymity and suddenly the town Sergeant became the person I ruthlessly took the mickey out of in the bedroom and in the kitchen. This was unacceptable; anonymity was the key for writing my blog posts so honestly and now it has been taken away from us.  I am sure any of you who have lived in a small town are aware of the bush telegraph and how insidious it can be. His position as the OIC of our town cannot be compromised by my blog and I will not have his credibility and respect tarnished by even ONE person in our (very small, 250 population) town now reading my posts. I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely furious I am that my/his identity was deliberately divulged.  I honestly feel violated.

So this is why I have password protected some of my blog and will be limiting what I post on my public Two Point Five Kids facebook page as now there are curious townfolk aware of both sites.  As you know I have created a facebook group where I can moderate who joins and therefore has access to my posts and blog page.

I really want to keep my page followers as I know a lot of you come here to read about my #policewifelife posts and can relate to/are interested in what I write. I have worked very hard to build a foundation of trust with you all and I am so bitterly disappointed that my relationship with you all is now so restricted. I will just have to embrace my little group and try to grow it bigger! 🙂 I am hoping that when our tenure is up and we move again in 14 months I can open the blog with no restrictions and have the facebook page back up and we can resume as normal. Well, as normal as I possibly can be.

So, there you have it. I am more than a little down about it but will keep on trucking. Only 14 more months to go.

Thanks for riding along with me so far; lets see where we can take it from here.