I remember talking to Mr Point Five a few years ago about the pressure I felt to be a better housewife and how I constantly felt guilty about not keeping up with “the Jones'”. Who are you getting pressure from, he asked? Well, I said, I feel like I let you down that stuff doesn’t get done around the house when you are at work. I feel bad that some days all I manage to achieve is a sinkful of dishes. I worry that you think I am lazy or not as good as the other wives. So you feel I am pressuring you, he says, by coming home from work? Well, yes, I mumbled. He sat me down and said that he honestly didn’t care if stuff didn’t get done (he took more credit for this statement in that I seriously don’t even think he noticed that stuff wasn’t done when he got home, as long as he could sit in his comfy chair), that all he cared about was that his boys were happy, secure, content and loved. If I spent the day on the couch doing nothing but cuddling and feeding the boys and watching TV, then it was a day well spent in his book. I thought about that and realised that I was putting all the pressure on myself, and that it wasn’t coming from the outside at all. After that conversation I felt a whole lot better and when people came over; I knew I had happy and well loved children and I preferred to show that off, rather than a pristine house.

This is an interesting result of a survey done by Ski D’Lite who set out to explore this quest for perfection phenomena. Refreshingly, they found the tide is changing. Women are shaking the Stepford Wives shackles with over 50% saying they’re done with aiming for perfection.


There’s a lot of pressure out there to be the ‘perfect’ mum – pressure exacerbated by what we see in the media and social media, not to mention the pressure we put on ourselves and each other. 

Social Media can be so contrived at times. I wrote this post a few years back about comparing yourself to others on Social Media; have a look, you will see what I mean about judging others’ lives only by what they choose to show on their facebook/insta accounts. Friends can be the same, choosing only to show/tell what they are good at. I often put up pictures on facebook of the awesome (If I do say so myself) birthday cakes I make for the kids, but I will not post a picture of the state of my laundry. I instagram the yummy dinners I make for the hubby and me (not very Jenny Craig though, I will admit), but have I told you that for dinner G Man has eaten a variety of the same five foods for the past three years now? You know what’s funny; he had his iron levels taken by the town Nurse a few weeks ago and she commented that they were excellent and that he must have a very balanced and nutritious diet. I nearly died from holding in my mirth.


Image from www.adriennehedger.com

I am seriously the worlds worst housewife and yet, if I am judged by some of the pictures I choose to share on Social Media, there will be other Mums out there who prolly think I have it all going on and who are secretly coveting my life.


Image from www.NickMom.com

I read a post the other week about 25 Lazy Mum Confessions such as giving your child your phone to take a picture of their “tidy bedroom” and bring it to you so you can check because you are too lazy to get up. Instead of being shocked I was thinking what a totally brilliant idea that was!! I have also let the boys eat lollies for breakfast on a weekend morning and thrown out tupperware I couldn’t bring myself to clean. If I haven’t yet done half the stuff on that list, I have bookmarked it to do so.

Watch this heart-warming video of kids being asked if they think their mums are perfect – too cute.

 The Ski D’Lite philosophy is; Practically perfect is the new perfect and should be worn as a badge of honour by mums doing a mighty job to raise happy, healthy, polite kids who love them.

My philosophy is if there is a big clean washing pile in my laundry, it means my kids have clean clothes to wear to school. (If we are having visitors come to stay I try to get this put away and the kids are so confused when the laundry is bare; they don’t know where to look for their clothes! Plus I haven’t yet sorted through the kids old clothes so the clean ones dont fit into their drawers. Really I am doing Mr Point Fives wallet a favour with my clean clothes pile by not having to buy another chest for putting clothes away in) If there are dishes in the sink and stuff all over my kitchen bench, it means I cooked my kids dinner that night (or the previous night as well, whatevs). If there are crumbs under my table, it means that we all sat down together for a family meal (on this note I cannot WAIT until we get our puppy in three weeks; I miss the living hoover). If there is lego all over my floor when you come to visit, it means my kids are making memories a big arse mess by playing and having fun.  If there is fresh fruit, veggies and yoghurt in my fridge, who cares if they are organic, super or paleo? Even if G Man only eats two types of fruit, at least he eats them every day and the town Nurse thinks I rock!

If I somehow haven’t managed to do anything for the day but clear the sink of dishes, and I have two boys at home who know they are loved and that I think they are amazing, then I am indeed a Perfect Mother; well, practically perfect 😉
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To celebrate the other Practically Perfect Mums out there, Ski D’Lite have given me 5 x $20 Woolworths Vouchers so that you can buy a months worth of  Ski D’Lite Yoghurt, (or whatever else you fancy), but now with 25% less sugar, and real fruit, Ski D’Lite is the practically perfect choice for mums trying to get the good stuff in with less of the sugar – easy as! No effort at all – healthy and tasty good stuff for the kids and less guilt for the Mamas; practically perfect!

To win of these Vouchers, simply comment below with what makes you a Practically Perfect Mum.

Congratulations to Maxine, Shannon, Lisa, Amanda and Kit 🙂



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