Hands up who else watches Dancing with the Stars? (the Aussie version I am going to refer to here)

Did anyone else witness the utter embarrassment that was Kym Johnson fawning all over Matt Cooper last week?

Here is an article if you missed it.

I was squirming just watching her gush all over his physique rather than his dancing. And it wasn’t just her. Helen has been known to ogle and make the odd very sexual remarks about the male performers and Edwina backstage (God love her usually) doesn’t see anything wrong with gawking at the male bodies either and making totally inappropriate comments, asking if the males would please perform shirtless for herself, Helen and Kym next week.

Does this strike anyone else as blatant Male Sexism?? And completely RUDE?

The most anyone would dare comment on a females body/physical appearance is say that a supermodel has a “nice set of pins”; anything else and they would be ripped a new one by the feminist army out there saying we should be looking at their dancing, not their buttocks or breasts. Can you imagine???

I love to perve on a well buffed male body, don’t get me wrong but I find the whole idea of commenting so lewdly on National Television and treating the male performers as mere objects of female pleasure quite revolting.

The complete double standard I witness each week on DWTS is actually quite disgusting and I think Channel 7 should pull the judges and hosts up on their basic manners and respect for the male competitors.

(the below is excerpts from the article mentioned above)

“Johnson was left giggling like a schoolgirl after the former NRL star complete with Cuban heels left her drooling over his physique and “hip action”.

Johnson told Cooper on at least four occasions that he was “a really good dancer”.

“Oh my goodness that was amazing”, she told Cooper and his partner Masha, “you’ve got the guns and you’ve got the ammunition. I have to say, seriously, umm, I’m kind of speechless a little bit,” she said while fanning herself with her hands to cool down.

“You look like you could eat someone for breakfast and then you come out here with your Cuban heels, and then those legs, and then the hip action.

“I love that you’re embracing it, and I think Australia are going to embrace you too, you know, like, really.

Check out Helen Richey’s face!

Check out Helen Richey’s face! Source: Channel 7

 The blatant flirting prompted Todd McKenney to quip: “Kim’s going to hold her score up and it will say 0418 …”

Johnson then continued: “I’m not finished, your arms were amazing, your legs …”

To which McKenney again interjected and said, “we get it! We get it!”

  He then asked Cooper if he felt he’d been “cheapened” by everyone looking at his physique rather than taking him seriously as a dancer, suggesting his partner Masha get “him on the dance floor every week and get as much of his gear off as you possibly can.”

“I thought I was coming on the show because I was a good dancer, but obviously not,” he replied.

Kim’s flirting and compliments then became even more hilarious when she told him at least three more times that he was “a great dancer”, leaving everyone on set in stitches.

Edwina Bartholomew later joked in the green room: “Can someone get that nude calender you found and give it to Kym? I think she deserves it”.

What do you think? Surely I am not alone in my disgust and embarrassment?

I have watched every season of DWTS but this; this is plain wrong and I don’t know if I can stomach much more.

How about growing up and showing some equal opportunity and respect for the blokes Channel 7??

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