If I see another blogger hashtag #Istandformercy accompanied by a post about how much sleep they lost on Tuesday night and how heavy their heart is, I think I am going to explode.

Post after post in my facebook newsfeed, status after status, meme after meme:


So the fuck what??

What did you do about it besides whinge about it on facebook? Oh, you wrote a blog post about it too? Well done you! That should save them from death row as I am sure President Widodo and his advisors read those. You got your child involved? Wow, that will teach them to stand up for something. Pop a picture of them with the hashtag up on facebook! I’m also sure Widodo and his gang are also on twitter saying that when the #Istandformercy tweet count reaches X amount we will call off the firing squad.

THEN the next day I see the same bloggers “Oh, look a cushion sale, ooh look, here is a post about Mothers Day, oooh look a post about bells” blah blah. I go to their webpages, after having read the tearjerking posts the day before and NOTHING is there about what they stand for. Nothing. Its like yesterdays post never happened. The outrage and the grief had dissipated to the next days frivolities. I scrolled down the sidebars thinking they might have a link to the Amnesty page or something to positively direct their readers emotions but no. Nothing.

I stand“: to place some value or importance on; to represent, symbolise, advocate for.

If you are going to “stand” for something then for fucks sake do something about it! Bitching and moaning on facebook is not standing for something!


 After Boko Haram militants kidnapped hundreds of girls from a Nigerian boarding school on April 15, an international campaign was raised to pressure the Nigerian government to “Bring Back Our Girls.” In early May, nearly 500,000 tweets had been sent out with the tag. The hashtag itself was so well-known and so inspiring that even Michelle Obama participated in the campaign. Did you know that out of the 276 girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria that 219 are still missing? #doyoustillcare? Did you do anything about it other than pop up a trendy facebook hashtag?


34 women have now died in Australia from acts of violence in 2015. Trend hashtagging isn’t going to stop it. Getting off twitter and facebook and actually ADVOCATING for it might be a start though.

As bloggers, you have tens of thousands of readers most of them like minded in this instance, who also hopped on your moaning bandwagon for the ride to nowhere. Why don’t you use your influence/popularity to give them some direction??

SHOW them how they can help petition the death penalty in Indonesia.

TELL them how they can help stop violence against women.

DIRECT readers to places where their keyboard angst can be used constructively instead of on a platform of outrageous indignity.

Hashtags and social outrage are fine, as long as they are used in conjunction with a positive outlet for your passion.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

 Amnesty International is a global movement of over 7 million people committed to defending those who are denied justice or freedom.

Australia should initiate a regional coalition against capital punishment – Write to Julie Bishop and ask about this.

If you truly stand for violence against women then the Luke Batty Foundation details are here.

Frustrated by the imbalanced and completely shitful “justice system” in Australia as I am? Start a petition and spread it around; lobby your local member for parliament; do you even know who it is? I’m pretty sure it’s still a thing 😉 Have you considered running for Politics? How tall DO you stand?

Turn your passion and anger into something proactive instead of reactive. DO something. Otherwise all you stand for is a good laugh and a bargain at IKEA.


If you have any links to pages to help stand up for what you believe in, please please pop them in the comments.