So I have been dobbed in by Bruce the Almighty (aka my blogger hubby Ray to my Debra from everybody loves Raymond)  from Big Family Little Income to get on board this Blog Tour of sorts.

The idea is each blogger answers the same four questions about themselves and their page and then introduces another three of their fave bloggers who then do it and you get introduced to a whole new lot of lovely people who may or may not tickle your fancy. Sort of like a chain letter with no hinky penalties for not following along. Or maybe there are. I’m not sure I read all the fine print.

So, here I go.

Q1. What am I working on?

Nothing in particular. Nothing spectacular. I am not writing a book, creating an app or looking at guest starring on a chat show about how awesome I am. I have no idea how to fold a fitted sheet nor do I care, my opinions are not very PC, I wear my clothes straight from the clean washing pile and leave the dishes (in the sink) overnight to do the next day. Yes, I am THAT person. Not an OCD bone in my body and I find it very difficult not to roll my eyes at all the “pretty home all in IKEA white and pastel with my milk served to my kids and husband, yes, HUSBAND, in jars and stripy paper straws” bloggers out there. Actually, I think I do let snark on my TP5K facebook page too often about that. Aherm.

So I guess to answer this question, I am working on retaining my sanity and humour as a semi-SAHM and at the same time try to better myself as a housewife every day.

That last bit was a lie.


Q2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I am married to a Police Officer which presents a lot of challenges in our life that are unusual. I think this separates me from a lot of similar genre/humour/SAHM blogs. A few of my posts are based on my experiences as a Police family but most are not. I only outed hubbys profession a year ago with a very emotional post but my readers seem to be very interested in this facet of my life and I will continue to write about it 🙂

If I am ever to get compliments on my blog, its usually that people are grateful that I passionately call a spade a spade.  As I said before, I’m not very PC. At all. Aherm. I’m not afraid to voice what can sometimes be an unpopular opinion and I don’t sugar coat my life. I’m not afraid to lose a few followers if they don’t like my “ranty pants” posts but I do try to write so as NOT to offend. Contrary to some peoples beliefs about me, I don’t mean to be disrespectful and I am open to be educated further 😉

Q3. Why do I write what I do?

I think a few of my single male friends were getting snarky with all my needy SAHM status updates on my personal page, so with a view of not being unfriended, I started Two Point Five Kids as a facebook page. Aherm. Some of my TP5K status’ were becoming very long winded so I thought about starting up an actual blog page to flesh some of them out into little humourous stories. As I found my feet and confidence, I started writing a few topical posts with my opinion not so tongue-in-cheek which I thoroughly enjoyed. THEN I outed Mr Point Fives job and now I have a total mish-mash of a blog with funny family stories, not-so-funny family stories, opinions and Police Wife posts. I’m actually not really sure WHAT my genre is anymore but I will continue to go with my eclectic  flow of writing whatever takes my fancy as long as I have an audience who enjoys reading it. I would like to say I am being earnest and am writing for my childrens posterity, as a keepsake blahdy blah, but I’m not.


 Q4. How does my writing process work?

Ummmmm. What process? Usually I have a totally amazeballs post idea at 3am and stay awake for at least an hour plotting it out in my head, giggling to myself and trying to no wake the hubby up with my stifled laughter at my sheer brilliance. Then I stumble out of bed at 7am, have a few coffees, head to work and by the time I get to scratch myself at my computer in the evening, the idea has vanished. Well the idea is usually there but the humour is not.

I work three days a week and the other two I am at home with a three year old. I feel very guilty blogging at this time and my evenings are usually spent watching TV/avoiding sex with Mr Point Five or if he is working, catching up on Greys, Offspring or Downton Abbey. Sometimes the spare time I have in the evening actually collides with a blog post epiphany and if this happens, I pour a wine or two and TYPE baby!! (that was a lie, I always have a glass of wine in hand in the evening, blogging or not.) THEN if it could be labelled “controversial” in any way, I send it to my cyber bestie Jane from The Hesitant Housewife for proofing and she tells me that it is indeed a bit naughty and I prolly shouldn’t be posting it. I take this as a sign that its awesome and hit the POST button. I don’t schedule posts; couldn’t stand the suspense of not knowing if you guys will like it or not, I need to know NOW. I don’t have a draft folder that I am editing. I write what I write when I write it and post it stat.

I call this my writing process.


So here are the blogs that I think you may like cos I do. 

Jess from My Heart, Your Home

Jess is gorgeous – she is a Mum to three and I have followed her along her path along most of the journey of her motherhood. She writes from the soul, really fluidly tells a story. She isnt afraid to admit she is afraid and is simply a beautiful person. She is stronger than she gives herself credit for and I think she is amazing. Go on her journey with her, although give her a little slack just now,she only welcomed her darling son earthside a week or two ago.

Gemma from Rural Miss

Rural Miss isnt a Mummy blog in the traditional sense. Prolly not really at all apart from the fact that Gemma is a Mum to three very photogenic young kidlets, read as too cute to boot.  She is also a passionate and very hands on WA farmers wife/farmer in her own right?  I really enjoy following her rural life on her facebook page along with the passing seasons with their adventures and tribulations. I also really like appreciating all that the farming community brings to all of our everyday lives; it has really opened my eyes. Her photography will blow you away too, simply stunning and make sure you look out for Sassy, the calf she reared as an abandoned baby and who is really just that, a big baby in a cow body, gorgeous!

Cherie from Raising Master Max

I would love to have a cuppa with Cherie, except she lives on the wrong side of the country, along with my cyber bestie Jane(who I also want to choose but is already wring one of these from another blogger). She also pulls no punches and isn’t afraid to call a shit parenting day, well, just that.  She also loves to celebrate to little things and is just such a real girl all wrapped up in a beautiful package. Cherie’s writing is like you can just  imagine chatting to her and I LOVE that, ya know?? 😉

Pop on over and check them out if you are not a fan already.

Girls, you know what to do and I cant wait to see all three of you about the Blog Tour train.

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