Im sure you have started seeing this video by Colbie Caillat floating around your news feed with many fangirls hailing her for her bravery and her very poignant message that we can all strip off our superficial makeup and that we dont need to “try” to be accepted by our friends and society.

I’m calling bullshit.

 Colbie Caillat is stunning, with or without makeup. Strip her face bare and she is as refreshing as a no makeup selfie “bravely” posted by Jen Hawkins, Lady Gaga or Ricki-Lee. These are naturally blessed girls who I think you would struggle to make look ordinary. Having lovely looking girls wearing makeup strip bare to be less than ordinary looking  without it will do nothing for a regular persons self esteem.

Lets be honest; some people just aren’t born naturally beautiful. Most of us, myself included, aren’t that genetically blessed. You will not find a selfie of me on my blog or facebook page as I simply don’t like my face in photos. My husband thinks I am beautiful and the fact that he believes that makes me smile, but the LAST thing I feel comfortable about is showing myself, warts and all, all over the interwebs. Whats the point? I have nothing to prove.

I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. I pop down the shops au naturale and am not bothered. I am more than my face and am self confident without makeup. I couldn’t really give a shit what people think, if indeed they are even thinking about my ordinary face indeed (who am I to be so self absorbed?)

BUT I will pop a bit of mascara and lipgloss on for work as it is expected, and also if hubby and I are going out for a bite to eat in the company of friends. I wont lie, it makes me feel better about myself and gives me a boost to my otherwise contented ego. My full but otherwise pale lips look kinda good and kissable with some plum gloss, and a touch of eye makeup makes my otherwise unnoticed blue eyes stand out.  A spot of makeup gives me a deserved pickup in public and I am not ashamed to say I LIKE that.

So Colbie and the other “beautiful people” can parade around with her makeup free perfect face but its not for everyone, and you shouldnt be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed for “trying” to feel a bit better about yourself.

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