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So, the image above has been floating in my head as a treat to have on the table for Christmas Day.
I decided it couldn’t be THAT hard and today I tried to recreate it in all its chocolate malty goodness.
Here are some of my failed attempts and (eventual) success tips 🙂
My FIRST idea was to use that icing that comes in a tube that you write with.
I got two layers on and quickly realised that it wasnt going to work; I needed something gooier.
So I decided to melt some chocolate (I wasted half a big bar of Toblerone doing it) and started pressing them onto the cone which I had smothered in melted chocolate.
I got about 6 layers up and was quietly high fiving myself when the whole bloody lot came tumbling down.
I decided to give in and can it for next year.
*cue crickets chirping*
But I am a Scorpio and I am nothing if not ore than a little stubborn so I wondered “what if” about butter icing.
We had some sachets that had come with some *cough cough* packet cake mixes so I mixed them up and
Sweet Chocolate Success!
Using a healthy dollop dunked on each ball they went straight on with no hassle or waiting to set.
I used Jaffas as the little lights and they are cute as.
This will definitely become our new Christmas Day Tradition, made with possibly a little less frustration and angst and a little more love and precision as now I know what works 🙂
I may even be daring and go with a taller foam cone (bought at Spotlight) next year.
My two “helpers” checking out the leftovers.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.