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Since we have Moved House, the most noticeable change is that Master J has FINALLY got the hang of sleeping through the night.

He has always been pretty good going to bed of a night at 7.30pm, but he would usually wake at least once or twice in the night just for a cuddle, some reassurance or a just bit of Mummy love. He would also wake any time from about 5am calling for me to snuggle in with him to see the morning in.

We bought a Gro-Clock which mostly worked quite well to curb wanting to rise at sparrows fart but sometimes he would call me in the dark to inform me that “Mr Sun” wasn’t up yet.

No Shit he isn’t I would grumble, and stomp back to bed.

Aged nearly three, my littlest was still holding his suffering mother hostage to a 9pm bedtime (and an 8.30pm sex-limit for Mr Point Five) as I just couldn’t guarantee not being dragged from my slumber more than once in the night and I had no idea as to what time my head would leave my pillow for the last time in the morning.

On a special occasion, if I had friends over for pizza, wine and a Magic Mike Movie, I would unceremoniously kick them out at 10pm, yawning and feeling tomorrows headache coming on already.

If the hubby suggested a movie and it was past 7pm I would just laugh – as IF!!

I’m sure you know the feeling.

It was getting tedious. Very, very tedious.

But since we have moved and the boys have had to share a room all that has stopped dead in its tracks.

Seriously – we went from calling out 1-2, 2-3 times a night and waking in the wee hours for the day to sleeping 730pm until 7am.

Every. Single. Freaking. Night.


As it turns out, G Man is the best alarm clock we could want for Master J.

G Man is our “good child”, whilst Master J likes to test boundaries.

Master J has no fears whatsoever to call out to tell me what “Mr Sun” is doing (fucking NOTHING) at varying times of the night.

G Man is a stickler for the rules and LOVES the idea of getting when Mr Sun gets up too. He wouldn’t DREAM of calling out for anything and he is often found first thing in the morning with bug eyes and crossed legs, busting for a wee but unable to get out of bed as I haven’t come in to get him up yet.

Bless, poor darling.

I have explained countless times that if he needs the loo he can just GO, but that doesn’t compute in his neatly organised little mind and to this day he has NEVER called out to me in the night, even when sick with a fever or bursting for a wee. It is only now that he gets up with Mr Sun that he has gone to the loo without being given his needed permission from me.

So putting the two together is just kismet.

Not once has Master J called out in the night, not ONCE in the past six weeks – I guess he gets his reassurance from his beloved brother asleep only a metre away and all is well in his nocturnal world now.

I know they wake early; I can hear them quietly chatting, with Master J trying to coerce G Man to call out to tell me about Mr Sun.

G Man is telling him off; Be QUIET!! he whispers furtively. Mr Sun isn’t up yet! No, you CANT call out to Mummy yet – you need to wait for Mr Sun!!!

I can see them in my mind as I lie in our bed – I see them watching either from their beds or standing in front of the bloody clock watiting for that last star to disappear and for the golden sun hue to brighten up their room. At EXACTLY 7.01am I hear their door handle turn and two little sets of feet come running down their bedroom hall. I hear giggling and the dulcet tones of Tom and Jerry in the toy room.

Its freaking bliss I tell you.


After catching glimpses here and there of the light at the end of the tunnel, it is finally here to stay.

Mr Sun, you are HERE and I love you!!!

I actually feel more like me that I have in YEARS.

Whilst I miss THIS, I am beginning to regain LISA, and not be just Mummy all the time.

It is now MY choice to have next to no sleep if I stay up late watching shows with Mr Point Five and there isnt a put-out time limit. Its fecking MARvellous!

I know that when I go to bed and my head hits the pillow that it is there until 7.01am.

Every. Single. Night.


So, just wanted to put this out there for any struggling and sleep deprived Mummas – it WILL happen lovelies, It WILL happen!


I promise you.

Right, Its past 8pm and I’m off to watch a movie.

 I haven’t been able to say that in nearly six years.

*insert happy dance*