So most of you know the sad, sad story about Master J snaffling all my rings whilst I was doing the dishes one morning.
And then, most of you know the story of where I begged Secrets-Shhh with a promised review to replace my beloved pushing present that hubby had given me when G Man was born.
So here it is!
My gorgeous ring from Secrets-Shhh
Isn’t she beeeee-you-tiful???
She is a simulated 2.4 carat Sapphire with 40 teeny tiny simulated diamond chips set into the 
split 10 carat gold band.
I heart it and it sits next to my “now found” wedding ring.
I saw the ring below on their web page and fell in love with it. They very obligingly replaced the middle stone with a blue one that represented the birth of my baby boy and I was tickled pink!
The Secrets-Shhh philosophy is “Giving all women the opportunity to own fine Jewellery” and I am so very glad that I own a few of their pieces. I am decked out with a stunning pair of ear-rings and two beautiful rings and we haven’t spent a zillion dollars either. Secrets-Shhh really is the only place Mr Point Five and I will now buy my quality jewellery from. You’d be mad not to when you have seen their pieces for yourself!
If you want to see more of their amazing designs, click here.
If you want to know more about how they make their stunning stones, click here.
If you want to join their Secret Society and get $20 off your next purchase, click here.
If you want to see them on facebook, click here.
If you want to follow them on Pinterest and see all their cute boards, click here.
I cannot rate Secrets-Shhh highly enough.
The product, service and total experience was second to none.
Go, on, go have a peek at their stuff.
Christmas is coming up and its totally affordable – make a list and leave it lying around.

*wink wink*
Disclaimer: Secrets made me a replacement push present ring for the one that Master J lost. In return I have offered them advertising on my blog page, a review/giveaway as well as other facebook promotional links. The fact that I also happen to love their product made this promotion very easy to do, but if I didn’t like their product I wouldn’t have asked them to remake my original present now, would I? 🙂