A Toddlers Paradox 
– a short story from the shops today.
I have just done the weekly grocery shop. 
The bags are loaded into the boot and the trolley is unceremoniously shoved somewhere in the vicinity of the trolley bay.
G Man has let himself in the car and has buckled himself into his carseat and closed his door. 
Yay for being Five.
Master J has clambered into his carseat.
I come around to buckle him in.
He is struggling to shut the car door.
NO MUMMY!!!!!!
I explain that I need to strap him into his seat first.
I say to him that when he is strapped in, then he can shut the door.
I strap him in.
He can’t reach the door once he is strapped in.
Herein lies the paradox.
I shut the door for him.

(you can imagine what happens now)
Give. Me. Strength. And. Wine
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