I want to introduce you to a new service in town – one that I am totally on board with and I reckon you will be too. No, it is not a sponsored post but the more people who think this idea is fantastic like I do and register can help me out as I would LOVE to get this service up and running! I have registered, will you??

Imagine this scenario…..
Its Friday afternoon. Your husband comes home from work and says the dreaded six words no wife wants to hear.
“I think I’m getting a cold”
Oh good LORD – here we go.
By Saturday morning he is pathetic.
Saturday Afternoon he is wretched.
Saturday night he is writing his last will and testament from the comfort of your couch, X-Box remote, not far from hand.
You have had enough. You want to get him in to see a doctor ASAP so that he can start manning up with some drugs or so someone else can tell him exactly how pathetic he is being.
Trouble is, the doctor is shut and wont reopen for bookings until 9am on Monday, giving you the chance of seeing a doctor on Wednesday. By that time he assures you, you may as well have bought his coffin.
Wouldn’t it be so much easier to hop on the internet and book him the FIRST AVAILABLE appointment you possible can for Monday Morning???
Hell YES!!!
We can book airfares and holidays online when it suits us to get the best deal we can, why not doctors appointments?? Wouldn’t you rather book an appointment in the quiet online world without your child hanging off your leg crying whist you navigate the phone and receptionists who put you on hold??
This is where 1st Available comes into its own. 
What is 1stAvailable.com.au?
1stAvailable.com.au is a free online service for patients that allows them to find and book healthcare appointments in real time. With the simple click of a mouse or via the convenience of a mobile device, anyone can select the 1stAvailable appointment at a time and location convenient to them.

Simply register your interest  HERE  and you can go in the running to have you entire HEALTH INSURANCE paid for a year!! 
If you don’t have private health, then you can get it, and 1st Available will pay!

By registering, you will be contacted when a doctor in your area also registers for the 1st Available online booking system.
How easy is that?? Move with the times I say and have a chance to WIN.

And remember, the more people who register their interest sends the message to your doctor to get their butts in gear to register their surgery for this awesome service.

(And yes, the more people who sign up from my page helps me to get to the ProBlogger event in Queensland this year – it is a competition for me as much as it is for you.)

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Do us both a favour and help a girl out?

Much Love