Disclaimer – I was approached by Airwick to do a post about their lovely new range of candles, the Multicolour Silhouette and the Jar Candle. I was sent three candles, all divine which is why I said yes,  and paid $50.00 for my time; not my usual fee but I  am a sucker for scented candles and you can NEVER have enough smelly pretties, can you?  Also with all of the stinkbugs in our house, power blackouts over summer and the fact that I don’t live anywhere NEAR a shop to buy them myself,  I was actually stoked with the invite. Also, they said yes to giving away two packs to you guys too 🙂


Scent is so evocative, isn’t it? It is truly amazing what memories are brought to the fore after inhaling a random scent. They trigger feelings, memories and can instantly turn a bad day into a good one.

I think my three favourite scents are wattle, sweetpeas and the road on a hot day when it has just started to rain.

Wattle tells me that spring is in the air. If I ever smell it I have to stop and locate its source, bury my nose in the fluffy soft blooms and simply drink in my surroundings and be grateful. I have tried many times to pick a branch or two and have them at home but alas, wattle does not like to be caged indoors and will let you know by spitting forth its pollen everywhere! Such a mess. Wattle trees make me think of Natures bride, swanning in her gown and making all the other trees revel in her glory.  They are glorious and I smile every time I see or smell them; I just cant help it.

My Papa grew Sweetpeas every year without fail, up against the back wall of his house. He would plant them on Anzac Day and in Spring, their beauiful flowers would bloom and the smell! Oh the smell! My Narnie would cut me a bunch every time I visited to take home with me, their stalks wrapped in foil on the front seat of the car, me inhaling their sweet fragrance at each traffic light, heady with the fragrance. To this day I get a little teary and reminiscent when I see them or smell them and it is almost an obsession to sneak back and pick some to have at home. I remember a neighbour of ours bought me a bunch as a housewarming gift on one of our moves – oh MY!! She couldn’t have chosen anything better; it was like my Narnie was watching over me still. The romantic/wistful part of me also likes to believe that the Sweet Pea flowers are the reincarnated souls of butterflies – I love that idea.

Rain on a hot bitumen road evokes memories of my childhood.  Such hot, unforgiving summers and a freak summer storm would bring such relief that I would just stand out in the middle of the road and let the raindrops kiss my face. The heady, sultry scent of rain made you feel so alive after feeling so insipid from the heat.

There can be sad scents too 🙁 I used to have a favourite perfume, Eternity. Then one day aged 22, I had a falling out with a flatmate which ended with (me) a black eye, lots of tears and bruises and packing a suitcase so fast I could barely breathe. I threw in all my personal belongings, including my beloved bottle of Eternity without making sure its lid was on properly. The entire bottle of perfume drenched every single clothing item I owned and to this day if I catch a whiff of Eternity, I am immediately taken back to that God-awful day in time. I have a new favourite perfume now; Rose Essential by Bvulgari as it immediately takes me to New York City as it was there that I discovered it. I couldn’t afford it so every shop I went past that sold it I would pop in and spray it on my scarf, permanently around my neck, so that I could pretend I could afford it. I eventually bought a tiny bottle of it duty free at the airport on my way home and I still use it sparingly to this day.


When my scented candles arrived from Airwick I was totally thrilled at the intoxicating fragrances.



French Vanilla, Lemonade Stand; sweet summer fruits and Mandarin flavours all  adorn my home now, to drown out the effing stinkbugs – dear LORD, if I never had to smell another one of those again! The candle scents were all divine.

The Jar Candle I took the sticker off and it immediately became a very tasteful and aesthetically subtle addition to my Grandmothers antique cabinet. The jar has a burnished silver lid that doubles as a stand when lit, and smells gorgeous; very useful in time to come, I am sure.

2015-03-22 09.58.56

This is the Multicolour Silhouette Candle and I was sent it in Amber Mandarin Glow and French Vanilla Romance Scents.

11016104_10152823035727807_7241383729940069292_oThese candles blew me away – I haven’t seen anything like it; they really are very cool.

As soon as I lit it, it started changing colour and the whole candle magically lit up, immediately and completely from base to top. The colours fade from red, to pink, to blue to purple (no idea how but no batteries needed) and the actual silhouettes featured are just lovely. Very evocative. I would definitely just light these for general chicness if we had guests over. I am sure they would be a big talking point sitting on our mantelpiece or on your coffee table!!


The lovely people from Airwick have kindly given me two of the following packs to offer as giveaways;

1x•        Air Wick Multicolour Silhouette Candle in the Amber  > Mandarin Glow fragrance-> http://airwick.com.au/candles-multicolour-silhouette.php#

2x•        Air Wick Multicolour Silhouette Candle in the French Vanilla > Vanilla Romance fragrance-> http://airwick.com.au/candles-multicolour-silhouette.php#

1x•        Air Wick Decorative Jar Candle in Sweet Summer Fruits  > (Lemonade Stand) fragrance -> http://airwick.com.au/candles-decorative-jar-candle.php#


To be in with a chance to win a pack, simply comment below in 25 words or less what your favourite scent is and why.

Good Luck!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Amanda and Olivia – I have commented under your posts with my contact details. 🙂

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