Below are some of our Christmas Tree Decorations.
They are a mix of handmade beaded decorations my beautiful (late) Grandmother made and used to hang on her tree as well as some beaded decorations I have made myself over the past 10 or so years.
There are some gold filigree decorations I bought in New York, Boston and Arizona when I was there as well as a few other NYC souvenirs – check out the shoes and handbag – arent they to die for?? Also one from the Museum of Natural History over there as well.
We each have a beautiful bauble with our names on them and each year we buy one or two Royal Doulton or Prince Albert decorations at the Christmas Sales in January.
We also have one from the year our boys were born, Babys First Christmas. Naaaaw.
Today, we went shopping and Mr Point Five chose two for the boys to hang on the tree.
Can you pick which they are???


Can you guess which two they are?!?!?!
I cannot begin to tell you how completely miffed I am that they have made it into our beautiful, beautiful tree.
I live with three boys – Someone HOLD me.
They better bloody take them with them when they leave home.