Edvard Munch “The Scream”, 1902 

I am angry and I have nowhere to vent my anger. I find I am taking it out on my family when I should be rejoicing that they are alive and with me. My patience is at an all time low – I am yelling at my children for no good reason whatsoever, things that they cant help, and I think I am just about ready to snap. I need to get it out, cleanse my system of this wretched angst. I wish I was an American. I wish I could take all my pent up anger that is coiled up in my stomach like a sleeping tiger and march the streets, protesting at the utter and complete injustice that has been done to the American children and their teachers. I cannot even bear to look at the sweet faces of those innocent babes because I have no-one to turn to to ensure that this atrocity doesn’t happen again. I cannot look into their eyes and tell them that they didn’t die in vain, because apparently they did. I cannot grieve for them and it pisses me off. I feel no anger at the gunman; I feel pity and disbelief that he could even consider doing such an awful thing, but I feel such immense anger at the American Political system that can allow for this to happen. His mother had SIX weapons licensed to her within easy access – who need SIX high powered weapons FFS???? I am angry at the American people who seem to want to grieve without the anger and move forward, to cry, moan, be indignant and horrified, wail and then wait for another horrific event to occur, and it WILL! There are 300,000,000 firearms in a country with a population of 350,000,000.



martyr (Greek: μάρτυς, mártys, “witness”; stem μάρτυρ-,

 mártyr-) is somebody who suffers persecution and death for 

refusing to renounce, or accept, a belief or cause, usually 


Has the right to “bear arms” become a religion in the USA? 

Are its citizens the martyrs who are willing to die for this religion?


I am angry at the American people who believe their right to bear arms is more important than the right of their own children to grow up. Don’t they realise that the right to bear arms also allows every American citizen to live in fear? To never feel safe in their home, the shopping centres, a football game or at a normal day at school without being gunned down by a crazy person with an automatic weapon? THE USA is not living back in times of the War of Independence anymore where the amendment was woven into the constitution to protect homeowners when there was no formal defense/police system in place. We are in 2012 now and America is one of the most advanced and supposedly civilised nations in the world. I use the word civilised very loosely as since when is it considered civil to carry and be prepared to use a weapon in everyday life? I ask, if a nation feels it necessary for its citizens to carry a personal gun for protection, has the nation truly provided properly for its citizens


Read article here.

Read article here.

After a 1996 firearm massacre in Tasmania in which 35 people died, Australian governments united to remove semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns and rifles from civilian possession. In the 18 years before this, there were 13 mass shootings in Australia and in the 10 years afterwards, not a single one”. (read full article here)


American citizens are their own worst enemy – how is a government supposed to enforce better gun control when it is faced with such idiocy such as the opinions illustrated in the graphs above??? I saw on a TV show this morning an opinion that if Obama tries to do anything to curb gun ownership, even just limiting it so that the semi/automatic are taken out of public circulation, he could very well be assassinated by the red-neck supporters who will do anything, include endorse regular mass murder and the assassination of their President to keep their beloved guns at home. I hear the argument that Guns don’t kill people, unstable people do. Tell that to the parents of the children who were slain last Friday. Unstable people with easy access to guns kill people. 26 innocent children and teachers killed in under two minutes with an automatic weapon. 



Whilst the figures here are outdated by 12 years, Im sure you get the gist.



I have read some articles/blogs that say dont talk about Gun Control now, its not the time, let us be together as a nation and grieve.  Well when the fuck is the time???  After the NEXT mass shooting? The one after that? Please, please give these 26 victims and all the ones before them the respect and dignity they deserve. Look into their eyes and tell them that you will support your President if he decides to instigate better gun control for your country. No, better yet, stand up to your President and DEMAND he puts the rights of your child and every other life before the right to own what can only be called killing machines. The entire world is behind this right now. We are angry, indignant and horrified, not only by what happened, but by the current attitude of the American people. 


Don’t let the next mass killing be the blood on all your hands.



Get ANGRY citizens of America!   Stand up for the rights of


 your children and their future, not some red-necked political


 party. Vote to live in a civilised and safe country. I live on the


 other side of the world and I cannot get angry enough for 


you all, or do anything for you and it shits me to tears.


Instead of giving out your 


meaningless condolences


and then moving on to wait for the next time,